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Are there any convenient alarm systems?

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by [email protected], Mar 16, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    I'm shopping around for a complete "intruder detection" package and
    everyone seems to offer the same thing:
    * 24/7 Monitoring
    * Piercing 100db siren
    * 4-digit security code to enter and leave your house, go to sleep, or
    wake up
    * Included fire protection

    None of these are very important to me, in fact, they seem like they
    would be a nuisance. I'm reminded of earlier years putting up with
    constant false alarms, to the point that we finally stopped using the
    system at all.

    So I'm wondering: does anyone build a system with the convenience of
    the homeowner in mind?

    What I'm imagining is something as simple as my car alarm - a small key
    fob for each of us to enable and disable the alarm system, or maybe a
    system that works in conjunction with deadbolt locks so that I can
    continue to use my key to enter the house without worrying about the
    alarm. I'd *really like* to not have to enter a keypad code ever again
    in my life, much less multiple times daily. Also, I'd rather be
    notified by door chimes when a door is opened, not set off an alarm.

    I'm also hoping to find smarter scheduling that will let us
    differentiate how it responds when we're asleep at home vs. out of the
    house vs. awake in the house, rather than just "ARMED" vs "DISARMED".
    In other words, a glass break is always a serious event at any time but
    opening any door isn't, except maybe after we've gone to bed it could
    set off an inside alarm to wake us up.

    This might even be a smarthome question rather than just an alarm
    system. But I figure someone must be addressing this problem even if
    it costs a bit more? For me, price is not a concern when compared to
    building a system which will help us enforce good habits like making
    sure all the doors are locked while we're gone, rather than punishing
    us for not tailoring our lives to the limits of simple magnetic

    So - have you guys heard of anything like this?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Guest

    In looking around since posting, the Napco "Freedom" lock seems like it
    might fit the bill... It integrates directly into deadbolt locks so
    that locking & unlocking them can arm the system. Also it has several
    "I'm home now" vs. "I'm away" modes. Seems like a pretty good
    solution. Also noticed the "MyKey 2300" which is an RFID deadbolt that
    works alone - not part of a monitored system. Doesn't look exactly
    right for my needs (still would need window protection, doesn't protect
    against entry when accidentally left unlocked, etc) but seems pretty
    Anyway, thanks again if you can help me uncover more such products...
  3. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    Almost any modern alarm panel can be setup to meet your needs. remote
    arming and disarming. Away/Home/Home instant. Chime is selctable, etc etc
    etc... I don't care for deadbolt arming, but it can be done with most
    system by a competant installer. I think the Napco Freedom is a bit limited
    in its capabilities, but it is designed to be quick and easy. I am a Napco
    installer by the way.

    Sounds like you have a pretty good idea of what you want. If you don'tmind
    paying for expertise then I am sure you can find a local company to install
    it for you.

    If you are looking for a DIY solutions that is doable too, but there are
    only a few dealers here who will be interested in helping you.
  4. Guest

    I guess I had two problems:

    One is that when the ADT guy visited, he didn't bring a modern panel
    (it was an Ademco unit if that matters.) And the key fobs were huge
    and he wanted $95 each for them. Not that I'm against paying for
    convenience, but my car alarm came with "freebies" thrown in, why does
    a home alarm system charge 200% markup on them?

    Second is that searching on the net finds so many of the
    same-ol-same-ol installers that it's really hard to find a local
    installer with expertise. It seems that words like "alarm system" and
    "home security" are so valuable that all the national players have
    bought all the ad space. If anyone has a recommendation in Seattle I'd
    appreciate the lead!

    I've found one guy who's coming by tomorrow and I hope he'll be able to
    offer some good options. I'm just surprised that there aren't more
    "smarthome + alarm" packages available. All the security tech seems
    like 1980's X10 equipment? Not that that's bad, had some X10 and it
    worked, but device UI has improved since then ....?

    Thanks for the advice!
  5. I'm sorry but you miscalculated. The markup is over 300%.
    If you're looking for a local installer, I would not suggest
    using the Internet. You'll most find ads for large, national
    players and DIY suppliers.
    If you want a system that can do home automation as well as
    security, ask the dealer if he works with ELK Products' M1 Gold
    system or Napco's Gemini P9600. These are both competent alarms
    with varying HA capabilities as well. The ELK system is one of
    the best HA / security controllers in the residential market.

    The Napco P9600 is a very flexible security controller that can
    interface with HA systems and can also control X10 and hard-wired
    devices directly. I sell these systems to DIYers and you can get
    information on them from my website. Although you're not
    interested in DIY, feel free to browse my website or contact me
    if you need help. I'll be happy to review proposals you receive
    and offer advice even if you're having the system installed


    Robert L Bass

    Bass Burglar Alarms
    The Online DIY Store
  6. Chub

    Chub Guest

    I'd steer clear of either.
    Nice rcommendation. too bad it's not UL listed. I'm sure his insurance
    company would like him to put an electric device in his house that is non
    UL, that way they wouldn't have to pay off due to loss if it was involved.

    Discuss your security with an ex con you met on the internet. Another good
    recommendation. ;)
    and with a BBB report like this.
  7. Norm Mugford

    Norm Mugford Guest

    Mr. BAss forgot to tell you he was a convicted felon,
    killed a person, has tons of complaints against his business
    with the Better Business Bureau, and operates from Brazil.....

    Be safe...look to one of the other professionals on this

    Norm Mugford

    I choose Polesoft Lockspam to fight spam, and you?
  8. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    "Ademco" panels ARE modern, and the keyfobs are no bigger than the rest with
    the exception of the new DSC units
    Someone has to install it
    X-10 security is junk, always has been
  9. Hey Steve,

    I read your post and think you should check out the Protector Plus at Our system has a lot of the things you seem
    to be looking for. Our remote controls are easy to use, and the system
    comes with a keychain keypad for taking with you. There are no codes to
    remember just press arm and disarm accordingly. We have a door chime
    mode for people coming and going, so it alerts you without a siren.
    You can expand it to cover all of your door and windows as you see fit.
    People say x10 is not any good, but our offer is that you try it for 30
    days -- if you don't like it send it back...just like that.

    Good Luck on your search...!

    x10security team
  10. Hugeass

    Hugeass Guest

    You still did not tell us why ELK products removed BassBurglarAlarms from
    their retail dealer list.
  11. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    You really don't read well do you?? Maybe your "Hugeass" gets in the
    way... :)
  12. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    Ahh X10, the first web page to use popunders...
  13. Guest

    Thanks, everyone, for your input!

    I had browsed the newsgroup for about a half-hour before posting, so
    I'm aware of the low regard in which you hold one particular dealer.
    But I will say, in his defense, that he responded professionally and
    was one of the few to give me actual recommendations (as opposed to
    anti-product and anti-person anti-recommendations) and I appreciate
    that help. As a newbie with a random question, I'm certainly not owed
    anything by this group, but it was nice to get some advice and product
    numbers that I could follow up on.

    UL listing was something I hadn't thought to check, so I'll keep that
    in mind... I'm not particularly interested in doing DIY for a project
    with this kind of importance, so I'm hoping that when I find a good
    local installer he'll be able to help me sort through the tricky
    details. But now I'm aware of at least one gotcha, thanks!

    Regarding "someone having to install" at a 200%+ markup - like anyone
    else who's had a business, I understand the need to charge money for
    services. I'm happy to pay for installation of complex parts and
    hide-away wiring work. But specifically, I was talking about $95
    keyfobs. When someone so obviously overcharges for a small part (a few
    of which came included with my $200 car alarm, for instance), it makes
    you feel like the rest of their deal must be a rip-off as well.

    Thanks again, everyone; I hope I'll eventually be able to track down
    the "ipod" of alarm systems ;) (functional with well-designed UI)
  14. Jim

    Jim Guest

    X10 is a nice toy to use to turn on and off lights. The probabllity of
    it not working is about 20 percent. If you'd like to take the chance
    with your worldly goods or your life with those probabilities
    ........... you're dumber than you sound. If your as knowledgeable about
    X10 as you pretend to be, why don't you tell people about phase
    couplers and filters that are necessary to be installed by qualified
    electricians for a few hundred dollars, in order for X10 signals to
    become only just a little more reliable?

    X10 is garbage. It's been around for over 20 years without one iota of
    change in it's design. If it was even a contender in the security
    industry, it would have proven it self long before now. If it was even
    a little aggressive, it would have locked up it's original invention
    and protocol years ago, instead of letting it's patent run out. Since
    then, even the least of it's competitors has improved upon the
    technology 100 fold in a few years and X10 is still using the same old
    garbage from decades ago.

    Stop trying to promote this rubbish as something other than a toy.
  15. Jim

    Jim Guest

    The hiss of a snake is never as deadly as the bite.

    Don't be misled. It's all part of the scam to make people think that
    he's not a crook.
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