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Are standards important in this NG?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Airy R. Bean, Jan 15, 2004.

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  1. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    This NG is used to field many questions upon the subject of
    Electrical Engineering, upon its technicalities, and upon safety

    Do standards therefore matter?

    Does it matter that someone says, "mHz" when they mean, "MHz"?

    Does it matter that there are those that think and practice the use of
    the dB as a specific for voltage comparison when the dB is only ever
    defined for power comparison?

    Does it matter that ignorance is engendered by using, "antennas" as the
    plural for, "antenna" when it is, "antennae" that is correct?

    Does it matter that those "in the know" use handling practices that might
    be safe at 12V when they're using 230V (or 110V in the Third World)?

    Does it matter at all?
  2. Yap, they are fucking are.
  3. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    What's worse? Top posting twits in Usenet. Worse still is when one
    top posting twit answers another.
  4. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Stupid Boy.
  5. sQuick

    sQuick Guest

    Top Posting? Hey lets not go there again :)

  6. cuno

    cuno Guest

    if it is all the same to you,
    and you dont know the difrences then be so kind and don't come back
  7. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Grow up, OM.
  8. repatch

    repatch Guest

    Boy that OM insult really hurts, seriously, I'm still hurting from the last
    time you called me that...

    A troll is a troll is a troll...
  9. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    Better than you. YOu are a retarded Usenet twit.
  10. Chimera

    Chimera Guest

    Standards do matter but it is best if those judging standards understand
    what they are talking about. You clearly don't.

    I assume you are a 'jobs worth', think you know everything but don't and
    what you do know, you can't apply correctly.

    OK, the guy typed m not M. Only people who don't make mistakes are the ones
    that make nothing. If you ever made anything you might have spotted how big
    a 4mHz crystal oscillator would be.

  11. Guest

    It matters to pedants.
  12. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    And your childish outbursts qualify for trollism
    more than anything else.

    If the retort of, "Grow up!" has been levelled at you
    before, perhaps it is high time that you paid heed
    to the exhortation?
  13. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Stupid boy.

    Grow up.
  14. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    It also matters to any reputable engineer, that we use the
    exact and correct terms to describe engineering and to express
    quantities thereto.

    I guess it wouldn't matter to uppity technicians who live by folklore?
  15. me

    me Guest

    The word is differences not difrences !

    Who's the picabrain now ?



  16. Guest

    Go back to the original post that started this rant.
    The OP did not capitalize a single letter in his post.
    It could be that his cap key function does not work -
    who knows?

    The available facts in his post show that he was talking
    about mega, not milli Hertz. They do NOT show that he
    was talking about milli Hertz. It does not matter if
    he is "uppity" or not, if he is a technician or not,
    or if he lives by folklore or not. His meaning was
    clear despite the lack of capitalization.

    A little tolerance in an imperfect world goes a long
  17. Leigh

    Leigh Guest


    As in the collective verb?

    So - you're now pretending to be an engineer? Is that in addition to you
    being a software engineer, legal expert, great philospher and expert of all
    subject known to man?

    It's actually known to many readers of various newsgroups that you like to
    make up your own terms and words, so anything you may use can only be seen
    as bunkum.

    Stupid Girl!
  18. MattD..

    MattD.. Guest

    On Friday 16 January 2004 10:10 pm, taking a break from trying to find a
    Don't forget liberal republican. I assume this means he comes back after
    last orders and buys everyone a pint. ;o)

    This is starting to look like a bad re-run of uk.r.a. The contributors of
    this group have my sympathy.
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