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Are PC surge protectors needed in the UK?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Lem, Jul 8, 2004.

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  1. w_tom

    w_tom Guest

    You knew that an IDE port is not a computer; has no
    intelligent functions? A disk drive is an embedded computer
    complete with voltage monitoring circuits. This controller is
    not the same as an IDE port.

    Long before voltage drops below what digital circuits on
    disk drive require, the disk drive has detected the falling
    voltage and stopped writing. Disk drive hardware protects
    itself from voltage drop which is also why a power down will
    not interfere even with normal disk drive housekeeping.

    The idea that an IDE port monitors voltage is an erroneous
    assumption and was not made in any previous post. An IDE port
    is nothing more than a bidirectional repeater. An IDE port
    has no intelligent functions and does not monitor voltage.
    Where did you get this idea that IDE port functions were even
    being discussed? Are you confusing IDE with some other
    hardware interface? Or did you just fail to read that
    previous post will sufficient care?

    Posted previously was:
    Where is an IDE interface even implied here?
  2. Guest

    Sigh! Those problems were solved (one product was JMF's) in a variety
    of ways in an OS that smells like NT. Consistency wasn't the major
    problem with the airline reservation system.
    Yea. And then somebody tries to program the thing. Then you
    find out what the real theory is ;-).


    Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.
  3. Guest

    Oh, my! You are young.



    Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.
  4. That objection misses the point. You may lose a lot of data because of
    the buffering, but the commit/rollback transaction processing supposedly
    means that what you lose is a complete transaction and what you have
    left will always be consistent.

    At least, that's the theory...
  5. And yours blew-up just now when you can't make the distinction between
    an IDE Disk Controller and an IDE Hostbus Adapter.

    *And* to the drive when it may encounter a bad sector afterwards,
    nomatter what filesystem is in use, though the 'damage' is temporary.
  6. Well, in that case you are probably old as methusalem.
    Not a working braincell left in your cranium.
  7. w_tom

    w_tom Guest

    Richard Herring also continues to help you understand the
  8. Guest

    Unix also has a different OS philosophy w.r.t. file organizations.
    No, it's worse than that. NOte that I have never read the code
    nor the specs of FAT. However, based on the way it "behaves"
    on my machine FAT treats the whole disk as a single chain.
    This does not honor directory boundaries the way sane people
    would expect. This would also explain all the werid-assed bugs
    DOS and its layers have.

    I would hope so. It's been getting "developed" since 1971.
    There isn't going to be one, and only one, solution because
    each choice solves different problems and has orthogonal
    design goals. I don't know about today but in the olden
    days, the choice was between "fast" retrieval or humungous
    files, a.k.a. data bases. If your system had to maintain
    one file that fit on 100 disk packs, your file system OS
    code would look and behave differently from a system that
    needed to maintain 200,000 small files for 10,000 different
    users who accessed them on unpredictable days and times.

    See my description above; I just threw a kink in your POV.
    That depends on the definition of "here". Are you talking
    about the logical placement of the file or the physical
    placement of the file? There are other flavors of "here"
    but I go into them. :)
    Ah, you were talking about physical. Note that physical has
    nothing to do with the FAT nor NTFS.

    Now the problem with cylinders is that they spin. The problem
    with tracks is that they're a circle.

    No,no,no. Now you're confusing logical bit placement with physical
    bit placement. The two really (TW's going to kill me) don't have
    much to do with each other.
    Now you're talking about logical placement.

    You are confused :). However, I can't help you very much
    because it would be a case of the blind leading the blind.
    There are other people who are bit gods in this area.


    Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.
  9. Guest

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