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Are 5 GHz telephones safe?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Greysky, Feb 20, 2005.

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  1. Greysky

    Greysky Guest

    Just got a new DSS 3 station 5.x GHz cordless telephone for the house. Boy,
    does it work great, but the thought has occurred to me that these handsets
    are emitting microwave radiation, right next to the brain, and we all know
    what microwaves are good for .... making popcorn :) SO, am I and my
    innocent family turning out brains into popcorn with these things??
  2. I read in that Greysky>) about 'Are 5 GHz telephones safe?', on Sun, 20 Feb
    Microwave ovens have powers of hundreds of watts. Your phone maybe has a
    maximum possible power of less than 1 watt. Also, it operates at 5 GHz
    and a microwave oven would not work well at all at 5 GHz.

    Having said that, purely as a precaution don't let your kids use it too
    often or for long periods.
  3. Gareth

    Gareth Guest

    I think the short answer is they are safe.

    There are regulations limiting the power density of microwave radiation
    for safety reasons. Your cordless phone will be within these rules,
    probably by a very comfortable margin.

    The conventional theory about the safety of microwave radiation is that
    the only significant danger to health is through heating (as you say,
    like a microwave oven). Therefore, current regulations are based on
    heating only. However, some people are claiming that there may be other
    ways in which microwave radiation can be hazardous to health. As far as
    I know, no conclusive evidence of danger has been found.

    Below is a quote from the NRPB website on the safety of mobile phones.
    Note that this refers to cell phones, not cordless phones, but both use

    "The main conclusion is that there is no hard evidence at present that
    the health of the public, in general, is being affected adversely by the
    use of mobile phone technologies, but uncertainties remain and a
    continued precautionary approach to their use is recommended until the
    situation is further clarified."

    The full press release can be found here:


  4. What is wrong with a cable phone ? It never has old
    and/or empty batteries.

  5. keith

    keith Guest

    Because they fall off the table when you walk into the other room? Though
    I don't have either (tossed the land lines in '99 and '03).
  6. Clarence_A

    Clarence_A Guest

    Unless you swallow one!
  7. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    You have no table or other room? Must be a small house!

  8. Maybe he lives in a barrel, like Diogenes.
  9. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    Sun, 20 Feb 2005 18:59:59 +0100: Rene Tschaggelar (----> )
    ----> @
    I have an old (1997) Toshiba (back when I bought the phone from someone
    in the USA, I couldn't find cordless phones in any local shops) cordless
    phone that still operates on 900MHz (?).

    It has a range of ~50 meters from its "base". Good enough for using it
    in any place of the house. (sometimes I have to do this because of noise
    coming from the street)

    And the batteries have never failed, nor they have been changed.
    Still handles ~10 hours if not on its base/charger.

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    / 51.11° W / GMT-2h / 15m .

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  10. Luhan Monat

    Luhan Monat Guest

    Hey, watch out for exposure to 500,000 Ghz radiation - actually known to
    turn human skin brown!
  11. keith

    keith Guest

    What don't you understand about walking?
  12. keith

    keith Guest

    Nah, if I did they wouldn't be taxing me like I was BillG.
  13. keith

    keith Guest

  14. Reg Edwards

    Reg Edwards Guest

    After a long conversation you can get earache due to poor circulation.
  15. Bill Bailley

    Bill Bailley Guest

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Greysky" <>
    Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2005 7:44 PM
    Subject: Are 5 GHz telephones safe?

    Popcorn may be going a bit too far.

    However, there is a growing body of knowledge that links the incidence of
    the rare near-brain tumour known as an "Acoustic Neuroma" with the increased
    use of mobile phones and cordless telephones.
    This tumour is suspected to occur more frequently in those who have had
    exposure to microwave radiation at the sort of power levels used for line of
    sight communications. Exposure to radar and tropospheric scatter energy can
    also be linked with this tumour.

    It should be said that this is a benign nerve bundle tumour and usually
    slow growing. It can eventually grow to a size that seriously restricts
    space for other nerve bundles, and can cause disability/death from this
    cause. Treatment will almost always involve head/neck surgery, and a strong
    possibility of post operative conditions such as deafness/poor balance/poor
    swallowing/facial droop/loss of eyeblink etc.

    As always, there are as many opinions about the effects that radio energy
    can have on the human body as there are specialists who work in this or
    allied fields. It would seem prudent though, to reduce prolonged close
    exposure to all kinds of radio energy until studies on this subject are more
  16. Yeah, typical Chicken-Little-ish assignment of blame based on correlation.

    Have you ever considered that the correlation is that those who have a
    predisposition to this particular flavor of cancer also have a
    predisposition to engulfing their life in their cell-phone connection?

    Just like the fact that those with a predisposition to lung cancer also
    have a predisposition to smoking? That doesn't mean smoking dooms you -
    although, I do have priveleged information as to the causes and cures
    of the various cancers.

    Nobody wants the real answer, of course, because it would mean that their
    Master is wrong, and disloyalty causes torture prior to death.

  17. Bill Bailley

    Bill Bailley Guest

    Damn lies, or statistics?
  18. Dwayne

    Dwayne Guest

    Microwaves opperate at 2x10^14 Hz, this is 42,850 TIMES your cordless phone
    (1GHz= 10^9 Hz). Plus you oven is most likely 800-1000Watts, and you phone
    is few watts at best.

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