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arcade monitor problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Francisco, Apr 4, 2004.

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  1. Francisco

    Francisco Guest

    Well, first off. I'm almost an electronics engineer so no problems with
    circuits but I never dealt with TV's. Now I have some idea because I've
    been touching and fixing little things.

    But there is something that I can't find any solution. The horizontal size
    of the screen is too big. The yoke is on the output (Colector) of a
    transistor (BU206D), there are (in this order) 2 capacitors an inductor
    named 'linearity' in parallel to a resistor, the yoke and another inductor
    wich you can regulate by moving a cilindrical ferrite nucleus, then gnd.

    At home I don't have much instruments to measure anything working, but I
    looked at the schematic and I think that all the parts are ok, at least I
    can't find what could be wrong.

    The variable inductor does reduce a little the horizontal size, but it's
    still insuficient, the image is way larger than it should be. Another thing
    I discover is that moving a potenciometer near the power supply, the image
    gets smaller, but looses linearity at the right, I guess that whats
    happening here is that the transistor starts to cut the signal, and thats
    why I see that alinearity, correct me if I'm wrong.

    I can't find a sollution to this, at least not something that is broken,
    could it be just a bad design?, I was thinking about a solution, maybe to
    make a larger variable inductor and replace the current one, to reduce
    voltage at the yoke, but I'm just guessing.

    Well if you can tell me something about this I would be very pleased to here
    it. If you need more info just ask.
    Thank you.

  2. eddumweer

    eddumweer Guest

    At first, you need to measure that the B+ voltage and other voltages are
    according the specifications.

    Secondly you can give the branche, model/type. Many people on the internet
    are knowing more about eloectronical equipment and will share theire
    kwonledge on the model.

    Greetings Peter

    Mailadres is corrupted because I dont need viagra.
  3. Francisco

    Francisco Guest

    ohh, yes, I forgot to say, this is a monitor manufactured in my country I
    think (Argentina), so, I guess no one will know about it, the brand is
    I looked in the schematic and there is no voltage labeled B+, maybe you can
    tell me where should I find it. Or any references to information on monitor
    Thank you

  4. eddumweer

    eddumweer Guest

    Hi Francisco,

    Normaly the +B is the voltage which goes to the high voltage output

    If this voltage is to high or to low the picturesize will be variable.

    Greetings Peter
  5. John DeGroof

    John DeGroof Guest

    On Sun, 04 Apr 2004 03:03:26 -0300, Francisco

    How's the arcade monitor fix going? What game is it, and what type of
    monitor, raster or vector? I've worked on a few vector monitors, and
    done some minor work on rasters. One reason I ask is some of the
    vector monitors severely overscan intentionally.
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