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Arc lamp experimenters, free ILC power supply board

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by George Pontis, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. I have two power supply boards from ILC Technology free for the asking
    to any student, or for the cost of postage to others. I believe that
    they are constant current DC power supplies that would put out
    something like 10-20A at maybe 20-30V. This is just a guess based on
    the components and 5 minutes of circuit tracing. For example, there is
    a current sense resistor that is built from two .02 ohm resistors in
    parallel, each having at least a two watt rating. The output is not
    isolated from the AC line. There is a connector that interfaces to the
    circuits through optoisolators.

    The only thing close to a part number is "217847". There are four pots
    labeled "Curr", "Mod Min", "Mod Max", and "Range". I believe that these
    are unused and working assemblies.

    There are no high voltage trigger circuits, so perhaps it works with an
    external trigger or maybe it is for a MH lamp. One would need to make a
    heat sink from an aluminum plate and attach the power switching
    transistor and diode to it with some insulating washers. There is a
    thermal cutout on wire leads to protect the circuit if the heat sink
    gets too warm. For a picture of the board:

    If anyone has the interest and enough electronics knowledge to
    experiment with one safely, contact me through email and we'll figure
    out how to get it in your hands. Actually I have two and am happy to
    give both away.


  2. Right on Steve! The physical circuit doesn't have the drain and source
    of the MOSFET shorted together as in the figure, and it has the extra
    connector, but it does look very close. They are both accounted for at
    this point.

    In the same grab bag I also found what looks like a 300W or 700W
    elliptical focus cermax lamp. Without the correct power supply or
    heatsink mounting I am not going to be firing up this lamp, but it is a
    beautiful piece of techno-sculpture.

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