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Aquarium Brain Project

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by BlackMark, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. BlackMark

    BlackMark Guest

    Hi to all admin and membres of this forum!

    I'm new here and I'm from Mexico then sorry for my baaad english

    I'm trying to make a cool lamp holder for my aquarium with a lot o
    imagened features like
    A Lamp made combining Blue and Whit LEDs like this
    Powered with 120V using this project
    May be add an effect dimming just the Whit LEDs for a moonlight effec
    for fish sleep time, thats would be cool

    Long dimming when turn ON and OFF the Lamp to avoid stress to th
    using something like this
    may can be mod and simplified for low power consumption

    A Strip of 120V contacts to connect the Air and wather pump to be OF
    pushing a switch, feed the fish and automaticly turn ON after 1
    May be I can use this with a relay

    All switches made as Touch Activated like this

    LCD Thermometer
    with Thermostat

    And a PH Meter

    May be is a hard work project (almost for me?) but every help try t
    unify all this concepts but talking in name of all fish hobbyst we'l
    be thankful eternaly!
  2. BlackMark wrote:

    LEDs are quite expensive to buy in sufficient quantities for
    illumination, and are less power efficient than the usual fluorescent
    tubes. You may be better off using tubes with an electronic starter
    which can be dimmed by a 0..10 V control voltage, which are commercially
    available. I recently saw a nice project that used charging gold caps to
    create the ramp.
    In my experience you don't really need the airstone, at least in a
    planted tank with not too many fishes.
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