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Apple //e and TV card

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by sanjaya, Jun 24, 2004.

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  1. sanjaya

    sanjaya Guest

    I tried to connect the Apple //e NTSC composite output to TV card. But
    results were not good as the picture rolls upwards slightly.

    Btw, Apple //e works fine with TV. Tv card and settings are all fine
    (but I haven't specifically checked it with some other NTSC signal).

    (I searched the net and found out that the Apple //e horizontal
    scanning rate is not the standard 227.5 but 228). Can someone help me
    to device a solution for this... is it possible to hack the //e board
    to correct this?
  2. The problem has to do with the interlacing rate or ratio. Some
    equipment is very critical to this, while others are not. If you had
    one of the new HDTV sets, you would also have the problem with that
    type of set.

    The proper fix would be to have a better board for the output of the
    computer being used.

    This is one of the problems of having to keep equipment up to date.

    Jerry G.
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