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Apex Television Secret Menu Adjust Size

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Christopher Glenn, May 10, 2004.

  1. Apex TV Television Overscan Menu Title Safe Size Adjust Secret Service
    Menu Off Screen Problems

    After buying a 27" TV at Ultimate Electronics for $169, was
    disappointed to see the overscan problems the set had. Surfed the net
    and found the secret menu and was able to adjust the H and V size and
    a bunch of other stuff. Still a low quality set (tube surface has a
    lot of impections warping the pic and such--but only a pro would
    really notice.) But, at $169, who can complain?

    To access the secret service menu, turn the volume down to zero, press
    the mute button, then AT THE SAME time, press and hold down the MUTE
    seconds....the menu will pop up. Use the arrow keys on the remote to
    navigate the menu and also change the settings (up down to change
    items, left right to change settings). Also, right let on top menu
    line will change menu #. The horizonal items (called zoom or
    something) changes the horiz scan and a couple menus later the
    vertical items can be adjusted. Just as you'd expect, you can shift
    the pic, change the height, width, etc. I also found the manual on
    the web.
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