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Apartment lighting dilemma

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by jeff, Oct 26, 2006.

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  1. jeff

    jeff Guest

    Hi. I'm wondering if I can get some useful suggestions in this group.
    I live in an old apartment building with extremely weak and minimal
    lighting. Because it's an old building, the inner structure of the
    walls are mostly cement and it's very difficult to do any drilling to
    install better lighting fixtures, whether it be wall or ceiling. The
    superintendent came up this morning to access the situation; he's
    willing to take on the task but he said it's very expensive and
    involved. We were sort of brainstorming as to what could be done
    that's effective without conducting major surgery on the apartment
    (knocking down walls, running wires, etc.).

    My kitchen lighting is perfect. It's an overhead flourescent lamp.
    The rest of the apartment is quite dim and I'd love to have that
    quaity of bright, clear light through the entire apartment if

    I'm operating on the assumption that overhead lighting or wall
    lighting is better than floor lamps, or lamps in general. Without
    getting into a very technical exchange, can someone recommend a type
    or brand of lamp that could produce quality light that's as good in
    terms of projection as a basic ceiling fixture? It would seem to me
    that the higher up the bulb is and the direction of the fixture
    (aiming out or down, rather than up or sideways) would have a major
    effect on the quality of the light emitted.

    Looking forward to your useful suggestions.

  2. Up-lighter torcheries (fluorescent) with the ceiling painted
    matt brilliant white (making an effective reflector) could easily
    achieve similar light levels to your kitchen fluorescent.
    If you have furniture which is higher than eye-level, this could
    also be used to mount fluorescent lighting on top to provide
    indirect lighting by bouncing off the ceiling.
  3. jeff

    jeff Guest

    That is interesting. A great suggestion. I do in fact have higher
    than eye level record album storage racks throughout the length of the
    main living room wall. Since fluoescent light is low heat emiting I
    doubt there would be any concern over these lamps damaging my vinyl
    collection. Since they would be placed on top - resting on top on
    thier based with the bulb facing the ceiling which is approximately
    four feet above the top of the metal storage units - I can't visualize
    any mounting necessary or possible.

    Could you point me to a website that would have recommended
    "up-lighter torcheries"?

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