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Anyway to remove crt scratches?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. Guest

  2. Guest

    Google groups search for your answer.
    Has been asked lots of times here.

    In short, no.
  3. Kevin S.

    Kevin S. Guest

    Depends on the severity of the scratch. If it's a gouge in the glass,
    as dkuhajda says - no, short of filling the scratch with a clear filler
    (like eyeglass scratch filler.) If there is an anti-glare coating on
    the glass, anything you do to it is going to remove the coating for
    sure. If they're just tiny hairline-type scratches, you might try
    jewler's rouge or Brasso at your own risk. Won't hurt to try if you're
    going to junk it due to the scratches anyway. I've made minor scratches
    in glass/plastic acceptable with Brasso in the past.
  4. simon hanlon

    simon hanlon Guest

    Fibre optic polishing film..comes in various grades down to 0.1 microns
    Diamond. I use this for terminating Fibre optic connectors so I imagine it
    would take a small scratch out of anything made of glass.
  5. But again, if it's AR coated, any abrasive will make a small scratch into
    an unsightly blemish.

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  6. Guest

    If it is AR coated with the glue on film, as many are, then:
    The picture tube can be removed from the cabinet.
    The antistatic/antireflective plastic film can be carefully peeled off
    the face of the glass.
    The residual glue can be cleaned off, usually with alcohol or wd40 on a
    Then reassemble and use.

    The Dell 17" Trinitron flat screen that I am using right now was
    'repaired' in that manner.
    The down side is there is a quicker build up of dust on the glass
    screen due to the extra static charge on the face.
    The plus side is that the brightness and contrast can be turned down as
    the image is brighter.
    The other down side is that it is best to use it without much room
    lighting (which I don't).
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