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Anyone tried this - DIY Solder Flux

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by bigone5500, Aug 8, 2015.

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  1. bigone5500


    Apr 9, 2014
    I want to try this but it seems trivial...maybe not.

  2. KJ6EAD


    Aug 13, 2011
    For entertainment only, I made my own rosin flux from blobs of dry pine sap disolved in isopropyl alcohol, filtered to remove impurities and heated to concentrate the rosin. It worked well enough but it's abietic and pimaric acid concentrations were unknown. I think I read somewhere that commercial flux is typically made from the resin of southern long leaf pines.

    If I were going to do it again, I'd add glycerin to make it more anaerobic and a small amount of zinc chloride as an activator.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2015
  3. bigone5500


    Apr 9, 2014
    I just purchased a 100g jar of Kingbo RMA-218 from banggood. I want to see if it is any good. It's cheap enough that if it is crap then I haven't wasted much.
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