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Anyone NEED these test jigs?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Barry & Nikki, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. I have the following items. Please bare with me being I have found very
    limited info. on these. I am assuming that if you are looking at this post
    then you are familiar with test jigs. Anyhow I have the following:

    Sharp Jig- QPWBF2382TAZZ w/ QPWBN2381TAZZ attached to it. I could not
    find anything out about this item. It has 8 slide switches and one push
    button switch. From Left--Right Top--bottom they are labeled as follows:
    Sensor, Error Display, Manual SW-P Adj, (push button) Auto SW-P Adj.,
    (bottom) VCR Adj, Low Bat, A-Track, Adj Mode, RE Test. There are also
    various test pin clips on the right hand side which are labeled: H-Amp-SW,
    H-SW-P, 16.5V, EE Lev, W/D, PB FM

    Sharp Jig- QPWBF2450TAZZ including QCNW-1275TAZZ (VTR Adj. Jig cable)
    The first one mentioned has 8 switches and one push button (stop Adj.)
    labeled as follows: 1.) CAM/VTR Power switch 2.)Sensar Adj. 3.)Mechanism
    Adj. 4.)Battery Adj. 5.)Error Indication 6.)Pass Mode 7.) CAH Adj. 8.)VTR
    Adj. Then there are 14 test pins labeled TP1-14

    Hitachi DSP R Interface Board Jig MCM part #7099448 w/ DSP AV output
    adapter MCM part #7099456. This jig also has three spring clip test probes
    (black, yellow, white). Has a 9-pin female serial type connector as well as
    a 25-pin connector.

    Sharp "Fixture" jig: w/ extension cable. RUNTK0309TAZZ . Not much to
    explain other than a bunch of surface mount electronics including a remote
    control sensor diode and three female RCA Plugs labeled: Video Out, Monitor
    Out, & Video In.

    Samsung interface board Ver. 2.0: Small silver rectangle box (4 1/2" X 2
    1/2" X 1 1/4") One end has a 25 pin female parallel plug. The other end has
    a DC 6V plug, a plastic 3 pin plug in that is labeled "ADJ", and a 15 pin
    female plug labeled "DDC"

    LG Monitor Adjustment adapter: (5" X 4 1/4" X 1 3/4") One end has two toggle
    switches; one labeled in the upward position "V-SYNC" the other "ST". Next
    to that is the red LED power indicator and then the wall plug in. The other
    end has a 2 male pin plug in labeled "RS232C" and next to that a 25 pin
    female parallel plug in. On one side there are two 15 pin female plugs. One
    labeled "VGS" and the other "MONITOR".

    OK now that that is over with and if you are still baring with me; if
    you need pics. I can email them to you so that you can see exactly what I am
    describing. Just inquire about a specific item and I will get to it ASAP.
    feel free to email me (must remove appropriate items from address to send)
    if any or all of these items interest you. Thanks and take care.
  2. Been to a hamfest, have we?

    No value, except for the parts.
  3. There is always one or most cases on newsgroups MANY in the group that just
    feel they have to comment on anything that pops up. Not that I should have
    to explain myself since it really has no baring on someone either wanting
    or not wanting an item and just moving on and not having to comment but I
    will. I have had these for quite some time from an auction that was held at
    a repair facility that closed its doors; not form a "hamfest".
    I've never understood why there is always someone that has to jump at
    the first opportunity to share their "knowledge" on something's "worth". I
    never expected to get rich off of these or even make any $$ I was just
    trying to see if anyone had a use for them being I do not.
    Thank you for stepping up and being the spokesperson for everyone on
    this group we appreciate your knowledge and concern for keeping "worthless"
    items off this group. Good luck at your "hamfests" that you have ample
    knowledge on.
  4. Wow, very testy response. Hope the jigs are worth millions.

    Test jigs are snapshots of a brief time of manufacturing. When their time
    passes, they are history.

    You don't seem to understand about test jigs. That's OK, there are lots of
    things I don't understand.

    Now just calm down and be my friend ;>)
  5. I understand test jigs perfectly well. I don't see how you figure their
    "time passes". There will always be a few people that don't give up their
    "old" technology and someone out their can still repair it. I will admit I
    do not know exactly what these were designed for but apparently at least one
    seems to be for some camcorder?? VCR?? I really don't care, I figured if
    someone could use them then they could conclude exactly what it was. If they
    are so "past history" then why have I found a few of the jigs still
    available for sale on a well known parts site?
  6. No, you don't understand test jigs at all. How in the heck would a consumer
    of a product use a test jig? How in the heck would a repair technician use
    one of those jigs (without the documentation and software)?

    If you can sell them on this so-called "well known parts site" then please
    do so. Why have you posted here?

    You are on thin ice here. You should quit now while you are mostly behind,
    because you continue to dig yourself in deeper and deeper. Further posts
    will just put you way behind.

    Your test jigs are worth the value of their parts, as originally stated.
  7. Mike Berger

    Mike Berger Guest

    Calm down! I appreciate it when people offer old test jigs and
    fixtures. They're nearly impossible to get when you need them,
    and many of us are familiar with specific items that might be
    of interest to ourselves, even if you don't want it.

    Now we all know what they're worth to YOU. Since you have
    nothing else to contribute, sit back and relax.
  8. I am quite calm and actually amused.
  9. Thanks Mike. This whack job obviously has no idea what a test jig is. No
    software is needed with these what so ever. As for selling on a "well known
    site". If this whack job could read for proper comprehension you would see I
    said they were STILL AVAILABLE FOR SALE!!! not that I could sell them. Thus
    they are obviously not as obsolete as you stated. Get your facts straight
    before being a total nuisance and putting yourself "on thin ice" and in a
    deeper state of ignorance.
  10. Your test jigs are worth the value of their parts, as originally stated.

  11. In other words you have no idea how to use it, so its worthless? Why
    are new ones being sold if its only worth the parts? People would just
    throw one together to do a job, then take it apart, till the next time.

    $25 in parts, along with a serviceable chassis can sell for over
    $500. I know. I had to duplicate some simple fixtures for older
    Microdyne products. We offered the customer free copies of the
    schematics, assembly drawings and B.O.M., yet they insisted on a price
    per fixture and gave us a contract BECAUSE the fixtures would be factory
    built. That meant that THEIR customers would trust them more than
    something built in house.

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  12. Of course I know how to use test jigs ... I have designed them ... they were
    used to verify sub-assemblies before final assembly. That's their primary

    Test jigs never caught on for consumer products (after manufacturing).
    There were a few offered for servicing television receivers, but never
    enjoyed a lot of application. They cost more than they were worth and
    didn't work all that well. Today, they are mostly unheard of.

    If you would bother to carefully read the entire thread you might discover

    1/ The jigs that sparked this inane pissing contest are most likely for
    boards or subassemblies for consumer products.
    2/ I never used the word "worthless."

    So, pile on and enjoy the playground. THESE test jigs are worth the value
    of their parts, as originally stated.

  13. Test jigs never caught on for consumer electronics? Gee, we had
    plenty of them in the old TV shops to service a chassis without dragging
    the cabinet and CRT into the shop. I guess that you never saw a CRT
    and the yokes in an RCA or other test jig on a service bench. Or maybe
    a test stand with a an audio amplifier and speaker(s) to service

    So, now you claim to know EXACTLY how many message I read in ever

    Yes, to you. If you can't use them they are worthless but if you
    can, they are gold. The fact that they are still being built means
    that they have some value. Obviously not to you, because have stated
    that you are retired. Good bye, Charlie Brown. Go feed Snoopy his
    supper, then fly your kite into yet another tree.

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  14. Nobody

    Nobody Guest

    [.... nothing of importance to]

    Please take this pissing contest to private email.
  15. My Dear Michael:

    You are obviously on potent meds or alcohol or both.

    Your lack of coherence is alarming. Please check with your primary care

    Charlie Brown

    (p.s. Lucy agees)
  16. Since you don't quote, it's hard to be sure which post you are replying

    But however much I tend to think the jigs may not be of much value
    here, I should point out that Michael has said he's suffering something
    at the moment and is taking something for it, so that comment really
    is innapropriate.

    The joke is, there have been posters in the sci.electronics.* hierarchy
    over the past decade who are pretty much always incoherent, and yet
    nobody tells them to do something about it, while it's okay to make
    such a comment when someone actually isn't in good shape at the moment.


  17. Your lack of medical skills is underwhelming.

    Is she still trying to shrink your head? You really should ask for
    all those nickels back, after 40 fruitless years.

    I do not drink, and the medication I'm on is for my high blood
    pressure and Diabetes. The strongest pain killer the VA has ever given
    me is Naproxen and id didn't do anything to help the pain from Carpal
    Tunnel Syndrome, so I quit taking

    I just started a course of antibiotics to prepare for Oral Surgery.
    I saw my "Primary care physician less than two weeks ago.

    "Upping" any of my prescription medicine could kill me. Is that what
    you are really after?

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  18. I find several things inappropriate in this thread, including several of
    Michael's comments. My origninal reply was an opinion and was not dripping
    in vitriol, as where many subsequent posts.

    I don't follow (read) Michael's posts. I know nothing about him and have no
    interest in him. If he has a problem, then God bless him and keep him and
    heal him ... it is beyond my powers to do so.

    Apparently, though, Michael digs up stuff on me ... the "retired" slam is an
    obvious off-the-wall, left-hand denegration of one's opponent in a debate
    used when one is running out of logical and cogent options.

    Look, I am not going to be swayed by any of this. I gave an opinion,
    according to a solicitation for any opinion, and will just cary on. That's
    how Usenet works. One posts a query and one must expect repsonses that they
    feel are inappropriate. They can respond with hubrage and then should
    expect, and live with, in-kind responses, or go to a bar and beat the hell
    out of those who disagree.

    The local playground and local bar behaviors are much evident here.

  19. Not dripping in vitriol? Then WHAT was behind that "Up your meds"
    comment of yours? Stating that someone is a useless drunk, or so high
    on drugs that they don't know what the hell they are talking about is in
    no way an innocent remark. I have had less than a half dozen cans of
    beer in my life, and the only pain killers I've had were after surgery,
    and I threw them in the trash.

    Charles, you really do flatter yourself. I did not "Dig up"
    anything. You are not worth the time, unless you make physical
    threats. You recently stated that you were retired in one of your
    messages. The comment about being your retired simply meant that you
    are not in the business anymore, and you may not be up to date on
    current shop practices.

    I was, until I was laid off, and ended up on full disability due to
    my failing health. I have work every area of electronics, except
    medical. I started in a TV shop in the '60s, and ended up in
    manufacturing but I always kept up to date with repair because my now
    derailed retirement plan was to keep busy in my small home shop. Its
    only 1200 sq. ft, and a 500 sq. Ft machine shop, but it would have been
    a pleasant place to enjoy the rest of my time.

    You need to find better places to hang out! ;-)

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  20. You really need to understand that other folks will have other opinions.
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