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Anyone know how to turn on an ATX power supply

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by, Jul 16, 2004.

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  1. Without a motherboard, and the switch plugged into it, how do you activate
    an ATX power supply? There is no switch on the back of it like in the good
    old AT-style power supply days.

    There must be a couple wires that need to be set high (or low) or something.

    According to this, it's the green wire. How do I set it "active low"?

    Thank you,

    Matthew McDevitt
  2. "Active low" means "Pull low to activate" (the power supply in this
    situation.) So the PS will switch on when you connect the green wire to

    Which does not mean it functions as you wish. A lot of power supplies need a
    minimal load to perform well.

    petrus bitbyter

  3. If I'm not mistaken *active low* on the page you cited means you connect the
    pin to ground to turn on the ATX power supply.

    Also, I beleive they're *switching* power supplies, so you'll need a load.

  4. Coyoteboy

    Coyoteboy Guest

    Also, I beleive they're *switching* power supplies, so you'll need a load.

    How many? :) lol

  5. Dave

    Dave Guest

    What would be the purpose of having the PS on without motherboard
    other than to test it?
  6. Keith

    Keith Guest

    Perhaps because it is a damned cheap high current power supply?

    BTW, top-posting sucks.
  7. Kgf

    Kgf Guest

    Just connect the pin 14 (Pson) to ground. (Ground is the
    two blacks)
    on the motherboard connector.
    This will start the supply. Look on google for ATX
    connector to find the
    connector layout on

  8. Art

    Art Guest

    As far as a load, how about a surpluss hard drive that many have laying
    around. Puts a load on the 12 & 5 volt lines and allows you to check the
    other voltages for nominal.
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