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Anyone have the stats on how much power the normal computer uses?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Kilowatt, Jan 4, 2004.

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  1. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    Now, in his dillusional state, he thinks he's a member of the Gates
    family.....Laughable....extremely laughable!
    As usual, he never addresses the issue...Just starts a new Troll
    topic.....Blasted on drugs again!
    Hit the bong again DoperBoy!
  2. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    What a he tells us he made a $400 million dollar commission????
    Yeah, right. And you still go to work as an engineer??? Let's get real here.
    Not even you, DopeMatter, could be THAT stupid!
    And believe me, if you actually did sell 40 million units, the price would
    NOT stay the same nor would the commission. What a joke! You must think
    everyone in the ng's are as stupid as yourself! What a pitiful,
    prevaricating blowhard!
    By the way, nice grammar....
    He quotes "$40 million devices at $150.00 each"
    Dollar sign before the 40????
    And wonderful math skills
    He quotes "Lemmie know when you get a 5.6 billion dollar idea"
    Uhhh....isn't that 6 billion....when he tells a lie, it's not even a good
    The drugs have done their damage!....the scitzophrenia, manic depression,
    dillusions of granduer and rage...all symptomatic!
    Those boots are still on HumpMatter and they are still kicking your sorry
    Roach Ass!
  3. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest


    Another solution which should make everybody happy, but also
    show up the whole nonsense of the pettiness, is to top-post
    in essence, but to intersperse the top-post in its entirety after the
    first letter, only, of the quoted material, as in this example. So, this
    reply is top-posted in essence, but follows all the silly "rules" by
    being interspersed.

    Anybody still complaining?
  4. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    I cannot understand either why people get so worked up about
    something that is merely a question of personal choice; the whole
    bigotry was addressed quite well by Swift in his description of those
    who were emotionally wound up about cracking open their boiled eggs
    at the large or the small end.

    It is so ridiculous.

    One solution,. which should make everybody happy, is to post BOTH
    at the top and at the bottom, as in this reply.
    I cannot understand either why people get so worked up about
    something that is merely a question of personal choice; the whole
    bigotry was addressed quite well by Swift in his description of those
    who were emotionally wound up about cracking open their boiled eggs
    at the large or the small end.

    It is so ridiculous.

    One solution,. which should make everybody happy, is to post BOTH
    at the top and at the bottom, as in this reply.
  5. Col

    Col Guest

    which part of "seems to" are you stuck on?

  6. Col

    Col Guest

    thanks for pointing out the difference, I hadn't noticed Duh!

    Once again you've missed the point and are pointing out what was a
    generalisation as the worst mistake ever made, since not drowning you at
    birth that is.

  7. Col

    Col Guest

    from anyone else that would be credible.


  8. Col

    Col Guest

    you've missed the point again you stupid tosser, the respect I would have
    expected you to have is the respect for people with any disability not a "I
    respect them with x but those with x can **** off cause their freaks" that
    you apparently have.

    ".Fact is, retards like you that call physically, and mentally
    And what the hell does that tell us about you? talk about a contradiction in
    implied ideals.

    You ARE a sad lonely boy or man whatever, its like you are two different
    people one just spouts abuse the other manages to get a grown up sentence in
    every now and again, its like you've got your dad or your baby sitter
    helping you! ha ha

  9. Col

    Col Guest

    I wasnt refering to just top posting, it seems all your points of view are
    those of someone with major problems, your langauge, those carefully thought
    out sentences you use, the bullshit about working with children, calling
    everyone who questions you retarded. The desperation you show to shout the
    loudest, the insicurity you show by not giving up the last word, the need to
    threaten people which in reality would probably scare you shitless but it
    doesn't matter because you will never meet them, need I go on?

    and as for "No. I am your fucking drill sergeant. The really sad thing is,
    I can't be there to beat the facts into you." What the fucks that? ha ha ha
    you wish! Id rip you a new arshole and empty youre head into it! LMAO

    you sad lonely net turd. you seem to refer to a few people as old, now I
    hate to ruin youre lameass ideas but Im only 31 you fuckin idiot. I wish oh
    how I wish I lived within pounding distance of youre scarey fear inducing
    fat asshole of a mouth, god how you would suffer.

    anyway I hope this has been a post in a style you can relate to you insect
    of a person.


    sniff, tear sniff .....What about my posts are lonely? sniff sniff....
    Nothing. ...... I am fine bohaaarrrr.....................................
    ( a great new sig me thinks.)
  10. ns

    ns Guest

    Will you PLEASE knock it off? I think that there were a few dozen of these
    messages posted, with no gain to the NG at all.
    This is what is called pure waste.

    If you want to ridicule each other, do it off-line, without involving the
    rest of the world in your squabble.
  11. daestrom

    daestrom Guest

    Considering 'nucs' haven't been around for even *five* decades old, you're
    just showing your ignorance.

    P.S. Another oldie but goody, "I got more time at test-depth in number
    three stall than you got in this man's navy, so shut up and go field day the
    bilge in the pump room."
  12. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    I remember those old things too....110 baud if I recall...some of them were
    current loop too....What a mechanical beast they were!
  13. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    No, DIPSHIT. I never said THAT either. STOP making shit up, you

    The Idea is MINE, and the product will be MINE.

    COM: $10.

    Selling price (no selling required for this high demand item): $150

    Gross profits: $5.6 B
    I work as an engineer, and I have an idea for a product. Is that so
    hard to grasp, dipshit?
    I am.
    I am not stupid at all. You, on the other hand...
    You are retarded. There is NO commission.
    You presume a lot. We all know that, and see you fail at it, in
    nearly every post in which you do it.
    Get some maturity in your life, boy.
    Whoopie fukin' doo, boy. By the way, retard boy, that isn't a
    grammatical error. That would be punctuation, at best.
    As usual, you fail to read or understand anything in the real world.

    It ALSO said COM: $10. If you are having problems with that
    acronym, ask anybody in the manufacturing business what it means.
    Then re-do YOUR math. Bwuahahahahahahaa...
    My figures were and are quite accurate.
    Apparently they have... to you. Myself? I am fine, dipshit.
    Like I said, your ability to assess someone else's psychological
    state is about as good as your ability to comprehend what you read,
    and that falls in at just above nil.
    Try again. dipshit.
  14. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    The word for today is back pedal.
  15. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    No. Your mother took the cake on that one. They should have jailed
    her as a felon, for not flushing your piece of shit ass, the moment
    you exited her ass. Letting shit like you out in the world has to be
    a felony crime.
  16. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    That is commission for your sorry ass! YOU have an idea and are
    already counting yourself in the category of the Gates family?.....That is
    absolutely are in a long line of inventors (like I believe
    you reinvented the wheel!). Very few make it big on any one design, and you,
    most likely, will end up penniless and blathering to yourself from behind a
    shopping cart in a drug induced state. Just more TardBlather bull puckey! As
    for your psychological state....I think I have your number there too.....As
    you may recall, you claimed no drug use...then backed off on that one and
    admitted to heavy drug use.....I called that one! You are the final product
    of years of drug abuse....and a sorry product you are! As for my ability to
    assess you psychological state....My brother is a psychiatrist....and YOU
    fit all the profiles!
    You try to sell me on selling 40 million units of your design....what a
    joke....nobody, including me buys that bull!
    Your math and grammar are still a serious correct others, then
    make constant errors....what a fool! You don't even know the difference
    between grammar/spelling errors and punctuation....A dollar sign is NOT
    punctuation FecalMatter! You completely ignore your math error in your
    little RoachMatter snippetboy way.....Oh was only a $400 million
    dollar error! Or was it just another TROLL PLOY by using COM as Cost of
    Manufacture hoping you could troll one and all into thinking you actually
    got a $400 million commission on your sorry effort? What a freaking
    fool!....If cost of manufacture is 10 bucks you sure as HELL will never sell
    40 million units at $150. Your business acumen is pitiful. If you want the
    definition of a major idiot, that would be the person that designed
    something for a company that might sell 40 million units for a salary. Dumb,
    Dumb and Dumber....but of course you have proven that repeatedly.You only
    continue to prove that you are still a pitiful prevaricating blowhard with
    nothing to blow your horn about!
    Still kicking your pitiful RoachMatter existence into the
  17. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    No, I didn't, and fuk you!
    I do... for ANY, save you deliberately disabled fuckers that
    ignore convention.
    I didn't call you a freak. You are too sub-human to get the "freak"

    You don't get it.

    If you think that your lame, convention ignoring ass comes anywhere
    close to comparing with the character that a disabled person has, you
    are one sadly mistaken mother fuker.

    Excerpt from Merriam Webster's:

    "Main Entry: 1re·tard
    Pronunciation: ri-'tärd
    Function: verb
    Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French or Latin; Middle French
    retarder, from Latin retardare, from re- + tardus slow
    Date: 15th century
    transitive senses
    1 : to slow up especially by preventing or hindering advance or
    accomplishment : IMPEDE
    2 : to delay academic progress by failure to promote
    intransitive senses : to undergo retardation"

    End Excerpt.

    For you to refuse to research, learn, and subsequently follow Usenet
    conventions and standards, and then to blatantly exclaim that "It
    isn't that way." simply because you see and cite hundreds of other
    uninformed idiots just like yourself doing it, represents a serious
    character flaw. Your backward thinking makes you "retarded".
    Even worse when you intentionally ignore the convention.

    You aren't even in the same class as a disabled person, Whale Shit
    Boy. So don't even think you can draw a comparison between yourself
    and them.
    The term "its" needs an apostrophe.
    Is that what you call this? You don't appear to know anything about
    sentence structure!
    You are YASEOAPE!

    Yet Another Sad Example Of A Poor Education.
  18. Yup!
  19. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    You do know what a "run on sentence" is, right?
    Don't shit yerself, sonny.
    Yer an adolescent, pimple faced twit with bad teeth. At least that
    is what your sister exclaimed, when she described your "training
    sessions" with her.
    Bwuhhahahahahahahahaa... My PoopRailGun would get you with an 80
    caliber FrozenPoopSlug! Then, you'd be so full of shit, it would be
    bursting from you!
    You could never approach the master. Say hello to my little turd!

    You'd literally Eat Shit, And Die.
    No... You're a Major Turd, or perhaps even a General Turd.

    Yer a fuckin' loon.
  20. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    Dipshit. The remark I made was about the door joke, dipshit. Learn
    to actually get what you read. You "gloss-over-it" pukes really are

    Get a clue.
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