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Anyone have experience with e-paper?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by m1ke dot m477hewz at gmail dot com, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. I'm designing a portable ebook reader/web browser, and I'd like to use
    the new "e-paper" I've heard so much hype about. Does anyone have
    experience with this stuff? What type of interface does it use? Is
    there a good place to get small amounts of it? I saw one company that
    sells an evaluation kit for $90, can I get just the paper itself? How
    flexible is it? How fast does it change color? Are there any pitfalls
    to it's use (besides it being monochrome)? If I mount a touch panel
    over it, would it be damaged by stylus pressure? How many DPI?
    I've searched and searched, but all I get is fluffy "e-ink is the wave
    of the future!!!11!one!!" articles.

    Mike Matthews
  2. KoKlust

    KoKlust Guest

    I'm designing a portable ebook reader/web browser, and I'd like to use
    Contact e-ink .
    They say they're leading ;-) .

    Philips agree, they have a knowledge transfer agreement with e-ink.

    Good luck,

  3. Ruediger

    Ruediger Guest

    I work at the Wearlab in Bremen ( ) and we had tried epaper -
    give it two more years at least until it's okay for the market, for our
    experiences this spring were that it is to fragile and too difficult to
    drive. Our decision was for semi-flexible organic displays ( oled, organid
    LED ). The unit we have is driven exactly like a regular TFT, but is just
    2mm thick and as bendable as a springsteel foil - pitily it is prone to
    shocks on its edges for reasons beyond my understanding.
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