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Anyone have digital radio ( dab+)?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Vox, Oct 30, 2010.

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  1. Vox

    Vox Guest

    Looking into purchasing a portable digital radio,

    but the selection I've seen at the local Big W,

    seems to be bulky and most without rewind function.

    I don't get it when you can have mega pixel cameras

    on phones with sometimes full HD video in a device

    no bigger than you hand yet the digital radios huge

    by comparison.

    Is the digital radio technology more complex then

    a combination of a phone + camera + video + mp3 + fm radio?

    I have noticed there are more compact radios on the net,

    with SD slots for recordings & mp3' replays.

    This begs the question, are we a dumping ground for

    1'st generation dab+ devices with limited features?
  2. Metro

    Metro Guest

    If you buy a portable make sure that you have plenty of batteries on
    hand......they love 'em.
  3. Vox

    Vox Guest

    Is that a case of more 1st gen. poor power consumption design?
  4. Vox

    Vox Guest

    Advertising made out there was more choice than that.

    It would be good if ABC setup a dedicated

    sports dab station, and stop them taking over ABC local.

    Re: sound, I have heard this said before, that its week and tinny.

    I may wait a while longer for the next gen. of these devices.
  5. It's a relatively new application, so much of the chipsets are
    segmented (one for each section), and that takes up space. There's
    little available as a true "all in one" radio on a chip, just add water
    (or power as the case may be).

    As time goes on, you'll start seeing single chip boxes that are
    reasonably sized, economical on power AND price.

    Just not quite yet.
  6. Vox

    Vox Guest

    The tactics as far as I can see is they are sacrificing "quality" for
    and its working for them.
    Today's radio ratings in Sydney has ABC702 Breakfast
    closely behind Alan Jones on 2GB.

    Trying to match Alan Jones is not the direction ABC should be heading.

    I thought the audio was meant to be an improvement over FM
    broadcast which can have annoying interference.
    The commercial FM stations could use the streaming text facility
    to push out more advertising to the consumer.
    On the down side for them, the pause rewind may enable people
    to skip the ads. like they are with PVRs.
  7. Vox

    Vox Guest

    I have found some compact radios on the net.
    Australians may be reluctant to take up the new
    technology and that's why there are still the bulky
    ones stocked on the shelves.

    May be the usual early adapters of new technology
    who got burned with the last technology improvement in radio i.e.
    "The AM stereo", that went the way of Betamax,
    and HD DVD, won't get caught again?
  8. aussiblu

    aussiblu Guest

    I have two, a bedside/mantel Pure One Classic and a pocket

    I love the Sangean and it has a rechargeable battery. The
    Pure One Classic has a single speaker so it seems a bit
    pointless re sound quality. I use a Sony headset with the
    Sangean and the sound quality is excellent/
  9. aussiblu

    aussiblu Guest

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