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anyone ever repair an epson printer?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Paul Helpfull, Sep 28, 2004.

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  1. well it more the heads appear clogged, no amount of software will do it.

    i have had the headss out of the printer and returned them and they do seem better

    any tips peeps you can offer? actually i have 2 a c82 and a c60 the latter heads are easier to get out

    clogged mainly due to being stood for along period
  2. Digi Man

    Digi Man Guest

    a) I have seen 3rd party "inks" for cleaning heads (with some thiner
    liquid). Try locate them. I found those things in stores selling cheap inks
    (not Epson ones).

    b) I have success with pure? water (do not know the word for pure H2O
    without other chemicals) in 3 of the 4 heads I tried.
    I sink the heads in a bath of it for some days, and after that I used low
    presure air to dry them.

    c) Buy a printer where head and ink is one piece!
  3. Johnboy

    Johnboy Guest

    I usually open a paint program and prepare a half or full page of
    the solid color that is causing problems. Save the page and then
    print it. The printer will try to print the page and usually clears
    problem. This works for me but you might want to wait for more
    suggestions. Another thing that works is to place a wet folded towel
    around the head and ink, then swing the assembly quite hard downwards.
    This forces ink down to the inkjets. Do not use a dry towel on the
    all this does is siphon the ink from the head and let air in.
  4. gothika

    gothika Guest

    What model Epsons printers do you have?
    Epson printers are mostly crap owing to the piezio printheads more
    than anything.
    That said if the heads haven't totally self-destructed there are a few
    things you can do to unclog them.
    Go to an aftermarket ink supplier like and purchase a blank
    cartridge and fill it with cleaning solvent, I use sulfynol.
    Denatured alchohol will work on most models as well.
    Run the cleaning cartridge on a test image consisting of a solid page
    of the color/s of the clogged head. Run until you get wet pages.
    If you can remove the printhead assembly you can soak it in denatured
    overnight followed by a rinse in distilled water.(If you have access
    to an ultrasonic cleaner even better.)
    On most of the early Epsons the printhead and ink combination resulted
    in destruction of the print nozzles. This was a design flaw and there
    isn't much short of replacing the heads that will fix it.

    Here are a few links to help you out:

    The link below details the flaw with most of Epson's printers in
    regards to piezio printhead technology

    Here are a few more sources for aftermarket cartridges/supplies for

    I've used the inks from nujet and found they flow better than Epsons
    oem inks.
    They also have blanks for making cleaning cartridges.
    MIS also sells very clean inks, never had them clog a head either.
  5. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Hey that's a good idea, I'll try that the next time I come across this
  6. thankyou all for your suggestions
  7. L. Fiar

    L. Fiar Guest

    Another variation of that trick...
    If your Cartridge is airlocked from refilling,try this...
    Snitch one of your wife's (or someone's) nylon stockings
    (we also use a man's big sock). Take the cartridge and wrap
    in a paper towel and place in the foot of the stocking. Take
    this outdoors and twirl it around your head as fast as you can
    about twenty times. The centrifugal force will expel the air
    or trapped bubbles and allow the ink to pool at the exit port.
    So far, 100% success rate.

    I recently stumbled upon these useful sites...
    Printer repair FAQ:
    Fix Your Own Printer:
    How to fix your printer
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    Injet Printers Information:
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