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Anyone could introduce me 56K modem chipset?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by terry, Jul 18, 2004.

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  1. terry

    terry Guest

    I want to interface use 56K modem chipset with C51/PIC MCU? Do anyone
    have experience to do this?

    I know one modem chipset is msm6946, but it is difficult to be bought
    and the datasheet is just Japanese.

  2. Tim Auton

    Tim Auton Guest

    For production of a one-off? If it's a one-off then just buy an
    external serial-port modem and use a MAX232 or similar.

  3. terry

    terry Guest

    I want to embed modem fucntion with my product, but cannot use
    external modem. The quantity is small.
  4. So you get an external modem, and take it out of its case.

    I've not looked at recent modems, but my USR Sportster 33.6K modem
    is fairly small when you just look at the board.

    A friend who had been buying up older USR modems for a product has
    now switched to modem modules. I have no idea of what specifically, or
    how fast they are, but for him they were a suitable replacement for
    the external modems.

  5. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

  6. terry

    terry Guest

    I do not want modem module, but chipset only.
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