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Any xbox gurus out there ? need some help

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by moonlite, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. moonlite

    moonlite Guest

    Can anyone explain why my clock menu on the screen is frozen ?? When I
    turn the xbox on, I first get the xbox logo then it switches to my
    clock menu and stays there. The clock is wrong and I can not change it
    no matter what I do. I can't move away from it either. Loading a disc
    doesn't change things. Is there a procedure to unlock this or at least
    get the xbox working with the wrong time ? Thanks for any help.

  2. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Sounds like a motherboard problem, I'd start by looking for bulging
    electrolytic capacitors in the power supply or mainboard, check the
    voltages out of the power supply, or you could send it out for service.
    I'm assuming it's long out of warranty.
  3. gymz

    gymz Guest

  4. gymz

    gymz Guest

    Replace the coin battery on the motherboard this controls the clock
  5. If I remember right xboxes don't use a coin battery. They keep the time for
    a short while with a capacitor.

    - Mike
  6. Jixter

    Jixter Guest

    Myself I'd maybe try leaving it unplugged for a few days, or possibly
    discharging the cmos or removing a watch battery if it has a CRC2032. Also
    try smashing the x button a million times as it boots up and maybe you can
    get past the clock before the loop occurs.

    Sounds like your XBOX could also have been hacked/exploited at some point in

    I found this info on the net..

    1. Let it boot. Let your Xbox boot until it breaks out. Fonts will kick in a
    set the time. (Doesnt work for everyone)
    2. Plug your Xbox into an active computer network. After a couple of boots,
    you should be out. (Doesn't work for everyone.)
    4. Unplug Your DVD-Rom drive (I heard this works)
    5. Put in a Audio CD (Also heard this works)
    6. Unplug all controlers
    7. If all else fails, then gain access to your Xbox HD, disable the fonts,
    set the time and then turn them back on again

  7. Jixter

    Jixter Guest

    I almost forgot.. maybe post this question in
    newsgroups might find some more xbox guru types..

    Good luck.

  8. MikeZOD

    MikeZOD Guest

    It is a cap on main board located front left corner value very high
    like 3f, it is probably leaking also, hard to find a replacement!
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