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Any VHDL designers in Western NC

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Hawker, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Hawker

    Hawker Guest

    Is there anyone on this list looking for side work in Western NC or
    possibly Eastern TN, North Western SC?

    Please enquirer directly to Rick at ashevillecommunity dot org. Include
    resume' and salary requirements. If you can't make a drive to Asheville
    in a few hours then I am not interested and you need not reply.

    This will be contract work as needed. There currently is a CPLD project
    that needs to be done and others are coming up this year.

  2. krw

    krw Guest

    Gee, if I knew there was significant work there I'd put it much
    higher on my list of places to move.
    Perfect! Except I'm not there, yet. ;-)
  3. Hawker

    Hawker Guest

    How 'bought it.
    Great place to live, horrible place to find work. You live here because
    you want to, work comes second - quality of life is first.

    There were a few decent companies that hired design EEs around here.
    Almost all of them have folded or moved in the last 5 years or so or are
    about to go under. The few that are left are, for the most part,
    undesirable places to live. I struck out on my own 2 years ago when I
    couldn't put up with the BS at the place I was working (do mostly to bad
    management causing them to go under). It has been up and down but right
    now there are 4 of us with more work than we can handle just doing
    random contact design. We charge more than I need to live, and less than
    the big agencies so we seem to be doing good as folks want it done in
    the US but can't pay $150/hr.

    All those relationships I built with Future and Avnet seem to be paying
    off (wish I could say the same for Arrow). Those companies seem to find
    us quite a bit of work from there existing regional customer base.

  4. krw

    krw Guest

    Seriously, we've looked at ASheville as a possibility for that
    reason (weather too). Central Kentucky is still in first place,
    mostly because it's reasonably close to family. Asheville is a bit
    far (though not as far as Vermont ;-).
    I retired a few months back because they canceled our project and I
    didn't like the alternatives (got a nice package too ;). All I
    have to do is get well (been sick for a couple of months) and get
    the house sold. Then we'll *have* to find someplace to live. ;-)
    %150/hr is a lot of scratch! Our captive L&B rate was a bit over
    $100/hr. We found it pretty easy to find outstanding contractors
    for the same sort of money.
    Cool! I love to hear success stories like yours.
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