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Any Suggestion for Intelligent Home Automation ?

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by ertan2002, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. ertan2002


    Jun 20, 2012
    Hi everyone,

    I need any suggestion about intelligent home automation. I am developing a project which doesnt have wireless system. and I've been designed 3 kind of model. I and my friend are thinking that which kind model is better for autmation system.

    this model is the most logical for me.
    pic pins connect to circuits which are infront of each rooms at home. (called as dağıtıcı devre) these circuits get values from pic and after they control their responsible room. I will make these circut (dağıtıcı devre) circuits as much as rooms count. This model is the cheapst as I understood and has easy design



    This model supoorted by my friend who thinks this option is the best. He thinks that is expandable model. After year, when we develop new features for device, to addopt is easier than others. I think that he is right. But as you see in image, there are decoder circuits (çözücü devre) which connect each systems (such as lamp, motor..) When pic sents value (sample: 10001011) to system, this value will go to whole decoders which will compare that value with their own value in (like rom) and which is equal, the decoder will allow to open/close system of the decoder.
    When we want to add new features to system, just will create a new decoder circuit and after rewrite pic. just that. But the another side, we have to program all decoder circuits differently.. because they will have an uniqe code (like 10101001 ) which will compare with pic's sent value

    this system looks like star bustopology of network



    third one looks more expensive model that connects to system directly. We dont need any decoder circuit. We just use a multiplexer to have many output after connect to system.. Its easy to control. we will just set which pin is logic-1 or logic-0 and after system which connects the pin will work. But we will use much cable to design system. It looks expensive and difficult..


    Well, they are designing of system.. I need your suggestion. Which is the best for home automation. Or my designings are horrible .. I am curious what you think..

    I hope, I explained my problem well

    Thank you
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