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any op-amp recommendations?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Anthony Fremont, Nov 14, 2005.

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  1. I'm getting ready to order some junk from Digikey. Can someone
    recommend good general purpose op-amps to stock for tinkering? I've
    been using the 741 just because I had a few laying around, but I know
    that better things exist. I've also got a couple of TL082s, but really
    haven't done much of anything with them yet. The 741 has worked ok
    (more or less) for me, but I want something with better gain at 40kHz
    (ultrasound tinkerings) and that can go much closer to the rails since I
    like to use 5V for power. Something that won't easily latch up would be
    nice too. I don't need anything really fancy, just something relatively
    inexpensive ($2 or so) and easy to use. BTW, I like to use solderless
    breadboards for prototyping.

    For comparators I use the LM393, is that still a reasonable choice or
    should I stock up on something newer?

  2. Anthony Fremont wrote...
    My vote, for +/-15V supplies, is the LM412 dual JFET opamp.
  3. GregS

    GregS Guest

    OPA134 for a traditional OP-AMP. Single version.Think of it
    as a really beefed up TLO81. Power bypass caps are necessary
    for high speed amps.

  4. Ken Smith

    Ken Smith Guest

    I'd worry about the OPA134 in a solderless breadboard.
  5. redbelly

    redbelly Guest

    I'm wondering if that's a typo and you mean LF412?

    I too have been on the lookout for an inexpensive general-purpose
    op-amp, but with higher input impedance than the 741.


  6. redbelly wrote...
    Yes, sorry.
  7. LM393 the best price/perfamance comparator ever made.
  8. Thanks. :) Any recommendations for something in the 5V single supply
  9. Thanks. :) I looked at the datasheet and it seems like a real nice
    part especially for audiophile applications. Fast and really low
    distortion, but it sounds like it may be a bit wild for the breadboard.
  10. I've prototyped a lot of circuits with OPA134 in solderless breadboards; no
    problem. It's not really blazingly fast - good audio opamp but not the sort
    of thing that will get you in trouble.

    However, it's rather expensive as a "jellybean" opamp. I usually prototype
    first with something cheaper, e.g. TL08x, and then plug in the OPAx134 at
    the end.
  11. Cool, I guess I'll stick with them then. :)
  12. For 5 volt supply, I like the MCP6022-I/P, dual, rail to rail, 10 MHz
    GBW product (gain of about 250 at 40 kHz), made by Microchip, the
    people who make the PIC microprocessors. Digikey sells these for
    $1.80 each. Data/MCP6021,2,3,4.pdf

    But a good, cheap jelly bean amplifier for low frequency use is the
    dual LM358. Works from the negative rail up to 1.5 volts below the
    positive rail. About $0.50 each.
    I still use lots of those and the quad LM339, also.
  13. Way cool! I think I'll buy me a few. :) The chip select feature is
    pretty nice and I like that cute Vref available on a couple of the
    sibling models. I couldn't find anything in the datasheet on how much
    of a drain the Vref added on the power supply, but with total quiescent
    current at about 1mA, who cares. ;-)
    I'll look at the datasheet, but the microchip op-amp looks like it just
    might be the one. Thanks again.
  14. GregS wrote...
    I don't like getting into bed with an opamp with no schematic.
  15. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear Guest

    LF412 ?

    Odd choice. Hardly ever see it in commercial kit. Well, never actually.

    TI's TL series of bifets would make more sense.

  16. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    For rail to rail apps (in and out), I love the TI TLV237x family.

    -- Andrew
  17. Riscy

    Riscy Guest

    I think it time to move to micropower op-amp and dispose +/-15V or
    +/-12V (unless you really really need it). I work on +3.3V and +5V
    schematic with various rail to rail op-amp, the performance is pretty
    good nowaday, especially low noise just released by LT. It also easier
    to interface with digital circuit. I use ADR361 for voltage reference
    source as midway.

    Good luck
  18. Riscy

    Riscy Guest

    Avoid Advance Linear Device...the op-amp range is really crap!
  19. redbelly

    redbelly Guest

    Thank you for mentioning them, they look like just the thing for my
    purposes (home hobbyist, low frequency analog stuff, such as
    photodectors and thermal measurements).

  20. Riscy wrote...
    What do you mean by "range" and what do you mean by "crap"?
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