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Any online Schematic Exchange sites?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by jamieson, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. jamieson

    jamieson Guest

    Occasionally I have need of the odd schematic, mainly for transistor radio
    (am, am/fm, shortwave etc), sets.
    As a hobby collector of these types of sets I do have a small number of
    schematics for these same types of radios including Kenwood, Icom and
    Grundig GE SR3 etc. as well as a number of diagrams from Sams Photofact
    editions No's 7, 11,13 and 15.
    'Just curious if there was such a site to anyone's knowledge. My own search
    turned up very little in this regard.
  2. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    This was my first foray onto the WWW in 1995 (still in the transfered Deja
    archives) , from an internet cafe, before digging out a modem, the next week
    and getting "connected"$&ou
    Its like car-sharing, good in theory , but usually fails for practical
    List them and put them on the internet somewhere so others can contact you
    and go from there
  3. The average researcher would probably not go farther
    than the 15th google page :). Most people would probably
    not even search for the odd schematic on the web, because
    chances are high it's not there.
    Moreover, schematics are available from sellers for about
    10 US$. One may even be lucky at eBay and save a buck.
    Much as I would like to exchange manuals, I doubt if we
    can come up with a method to beat a 10 $ buy.

  4. 427Cobraman

    427Cobraman Guest

    Try the manual_exchange yahoo group. Bunch of radio enthusiasts
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