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Any monitor Techs out there?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Rono, Jun 5, 2005.

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  1. Rono

    Rono Guest

    Nec 17" PN 7701 Q101 pwm regulator shorted,
    measures ok otherwise. Is this a common fairure?

    Viewsonic 20" M # PS790, pinkish pix, one color
    missing, VP463 on crt board bad?

    The following units: Low brightness, ABL trouble?

    Azura 15" M # TE551A Orchestra 15" M # Horn II

    Daewoo 15" M # 518X Proview 15" M # PV-564D

    Thanks, Rono.
  2. Guest

    Basically, no: there are not any monitor techs out there.
    Manufactures support for parts or service information is non-existant
    on virtually all brands and models. Customer programming and
    diagnostic jigs that are very expensive are required for most monitors
    to do any kind of adjustments, upwards of $800.

    Of the monitors most places are even willing to touch, 20" is about the
    smallest worth even taking the time to attempt a repair, and then only
    the name brands: Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic, Goldstar/LG, etc.

    Face it, replacement of the 15" if you can still find them new is under
    $80US, the 17" $150US. How much time are they worth.

    FYI in 99% of the cases, a low brightness picture on a el-junko brand
    15" monitor has been a bad/weak picture tube.

    Most cases of one color missing is the svga interconnect cable. That
    one should be a simple troubleshooting fix with an o'scope and some
    basic signal tracing of where the green is being lost.

    NEC is virtually impossible to deal with on any late model equipment,
    they want it sent to them for repair and I have yet found a source for
    any service information. Plus it is a 17".
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