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Any knowledge of this UPS: CPS 1500AVR

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], May 9, 2013.

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    I have here a CyberPowerSystems 1500VA (950W) UPS which has failed in a most peculiar way. Actually, it's not the failure that seems peculiar to me, but that it was ever designed this way to begin with. I've chosen not to move forward with any replacement parts until I can nail down exactly why theyare there and what kind of intoxicants the original engineer was on at thetime of design.

    First off, it doesn't know what model it is. The front says 1500AVR, the sticker in the microcontroller says OP1500 (which is another CPS model), the board says OP2200A (yet another). Ignoring that...

    There are two large transformers, completely parallel with each other, eachwith three windings, two with taps. Of interest is the non-tapped winding,which gives me 24V, and connects back to the main board. It hits first a 6..3A fuse, then a full-wave rectifier (made of discrete diodes), expected filter cap, and then... a mosfet. a 60V 80A n-channel mosfet. Source and drain. The gate goes back to a collection of surface-mount parts which my eyeballs can't seem to follow.

    I can't see any reason for this mosfet OTHER than to blow that fuse (which is exactly what it did. the mosfet is failed short).

    Anybody have any familiarity with these? I've read that they're not very reliable, they must fail fairly often... so I can't be the only person with abroken one...
  2. Am I correct in understanding that your question is... Did the MOSFET fail of
    its own accord, or is there something else kaput that's likely to take out the
  3. Den 09-05-2013 22:12, Mike skrev:
    Crowbar is the correct term. Here is an explanation of the function:
  4. Den 09-05-2013 20:55, skrev:
    Crowbar circuit. Found on Wiki:
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