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Any knowledge / insight / info on DMP panels?

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Eric B., Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. motley me

    motley me Guest

  2. Eric B.

    Eric B. Guest

    I don't have model numbers of any parts quoted, but he did send me this:
    DMP XP50 - $240
    LCD Keypad - $130
    double tech motion detector 75$
    wireless smoke detector 135$
    double tech motion detector 75$

    wireless double tech motion detector in the hallway on the room level floor

    wireless smoke detector 135$

    wireless glassbreak detector in the Den in front of the patio doors 120$

    carbon monoxide detector 115$ Add (1) power supply unit 1 Amp.105$

    wireless smoke detector in the hallway on the room level 135$

    I've already gone through all the trouble of home wiring all the locations
    for smoke/motion/glassbreak detectors, so have no desire to go wireless for
    any of them. But I don't know if that affects the pricing at all (ie: if
    wired is cheaper or not).

    I don't know if the prices listed are expensive or not - open to any second


  3. Eric B.

    Eric B. Guest

    Total install price is about 1500$ for parts and programming, but without
    any wiring (i've done it all already). It seems a little steep to me to be
    honest, but his quote includes a whole bunch of wireless sensors that I
    don't need as I've already wired everything up.

    Just the DMP CP (XT50) and the LCD keypad, he is asking 400$. Of course,
    then I still need to include labour/programming since it is something that
    apparently I will be unable to do myself.


  4. Eric B.

    Eric B. Guest

    Amazingly, it has been almost a week and I have yet to hear back from DMP.
    Not too impressed, to be honest. I was expecting a call back already
    telling me where I would be able to buy a system...

  5. Eric B.

    Eric B. Guest

    So I finally got feedback from another vendor today. Interestingly enough,
    he dropped Napco a few years back as well, due to supply problems.
    Apparently, he told me, Napco decided to stop supplying my local area at the
    time; that they wanted to concentrate their sales efforts elsewhere. I did
    call Napco and found out that there is a local distributor here now (Triad),
    however I don't know how long they have been with the product. One thing is
    certain, it is no longer ADI. I don't know if that switch-over is what
    caused both companies to migrate away from them.

    This other installer suggested Paradox; that is his CP of choice. Do any of
    you have experience with Paradox and/or feedback about it? A friend of mine
    has it, and my first gut instinct was that I didn't like it. I didn't like
    the look of the keypad, the way it functions, etc. However, I haven't
    really used it, and I know his installer screwed up the installation process
    a little. So I'm a little biased. I don't know much else about the units
    however. Are they a "worthy" consideration? Easy to maintain/administer?
    Or is that a DMP concept again- where only certain dealers are able to
    service/program/maintain them, etc?

    In the meantime, I've also had a suggestion to look at the Elk M1. I took a
    quick look at the specs on it, and off the cuff, it looks extremely
    interesting. However, the cost also looks at least triple the price of a
    Napco/Ademco/etc unit. I've also never previously heard of Elk; is Elk a
    known/trusted name in the security industry, or are they more
    home-automation that has branched themselves into security? Is it difficult
    finding monitoring companies to support Elk (whether by dialup, cell or IP)?
    Or should a monitoring company be able to handle any make/model - just a
    question of programming the unit to dial the appropriate number?

    Thanks so much for any information. I would never have expected this
    decision to be so challenging. :)

  6. tourman

    tourman Guest

    RHC: Eric, I have had 15 years of experience with Paradox and have
    about 700 of their panels in service. Overall, they make a fine panel
    although like all manufacturers they have made their share of stupid
    mistakes. However, anytime they have, they've always "stepped up to
    the plate" and made it right. They are a young and progressive
    company, constantly bringing out the latest modifications to their
    panels. The downside to this of course is the constant learning curve
    that goes along with it. They are right in the middle with backward
    compatibility, with some of their newer panels not able to use the
    older keypads, resulting in the need to stock spare parts more than

    They sell all around the world, and have not concentrated much on the
    saturated US market. I could be wrong, but I have heard it said they
    are the biggest supplier of alarm panels in Brazil. They have a new
    "Stay D" function which hasn't caught on here in North America, but
    seems to be accepted in Europe and elsewhere.

    Their tech support is VERY good. Their wireless is also very good,
    although they have had one small unit that was not so good. They have
    a range of panels from small to huge, with the largest are only
    applicable to large commercial customers. Overall, their product line
    is superior to DSC, another Canadian supplier, although programming is
    quite unique to their company. They don't seem to need as much service
    as the DSC line, and have none of DSC's propensity to have weird
    firmware problems solved only by "power down and power up and problem
    is solved..??"

    They are not like DMP. Any dealer can take on their product.
  7. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    That's *ridiculously* cheap for DMP XT50 & LCD Keypad (you don't say which
    panel configuration though but its still too cheap)

    **Crash Gordon**
  8. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    He won't be in biz long at those prices.

    As good as wireless is these days, if the house is wired PROPERLY, there's
    no reason to go wireless. Wired devices are cheaper if the wiring is in the
    right place (plus other considerations regarding wiring)

    What part of the world are you this in USD?


    I once knew an alarm guy, that thought selling equipment at a profit was
    unethical immoral, he sold stuff at what he paid for it and just charged
    for labor (of course his wife and kids had to help install it)....needless
    to say he is/was an idiot.

    **Crash Gordon**
  9. Eric B.

    Eric B. Guest

    *laugh* The ironic thing is that this is a company that has been in
    business for over 20yrs already. I dont know how much of their business
    model is based on profit on hardware vs profit on labour & support. They
    are a large monitoring company, so it is very possible that they decided to
    make HW cheap in order to entice more clientelle. And if they are truly
    exclusive for DMP in the area, then once I have a DMP system installed in my
    house, I'm pretty much stuck to use them for monitoring...
    Forgive my ignorance, but what is your definition of wired properly? What
    other considerations are their to wiring apart from making sure that the
    wiring is in the correct locations?
    Actually, its in CDN. I'm in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. And with the Cdn
    dollar taking a beating these last couple of weeks, it would translate to
    even cheaper in USD.


  10. Eric B.

    Eric B. Guest

    I read what little I could about the "Stay D" function on their website, and
    am extremely confused by it. I figure I must be misunderstanding something.
    From my understanding, it seems like everytime someone opens a window, or a
    door, or ..., you need to disarm the system (or that zone in question).
    Which would imply needing either to run around to the keypad everytime I
    decide to crack open a window, or carry a wireless remote with me everywhere
    I go in the house.

    Am I misreading this? It just doesn't sound very practical at all...
    Will they support end users as well, or only dealers?

    How would you rate / compare them to Ademco?

    Thanks so much for the info!

  11. Eric B.

    Eric B. Guest

    Are there multiple configurations for the same box? Would it make more
    sense if he quoted me the wrong unit and was quoting me for the XT30
    instead, or still be too cheap?


  12. tourman

    tourman Guest

    RHC: Dont feel bad; I have taken their course for dealers and am still
    confused about it. As close as I can see, it is like every zone on 24
    hr, with the ability to bypass automatically zones as required. In
    dangerous environments, it might serve a purpose, but for the average
    residential user in Canada, it is needlessly complex.
    RHC: They only support dealers as far as I know. Very few alarm
    manufacturers (if any) will support end users directly. Their
    customers are dealers, not end users. End users are either the
    customers of dealers, or very much "on their own".
    RHC: I don't use Ademco, so my comments must be taken in that vein. As
    far as I know (my impressions only), Ademco is solid but a bit old
    fashioned, and as a company doesn't move very quickly in the
    marketplace, while Paradox probably moves the quickest that I know. I
    would suspect that Paradox is far more modern equipment than Ademco.
    But is this really a good thing ? People want only trouble free alarms
    that do what they are supposed to do. All the whizbang stuff in my
    experience goes largely ignored and ends up being turned of by most
    installing companies. However, it's there if the end user needs it.
    The Stay D function is an option, and can be turned off as well.
    RHC; Eric, I don't know much about DMP, but if you are in Canada, it
    would probably be wise to consider a Canadian company, for ease of
    supply and pricing. That pretty much limits you to Ademco, DSC,
    Paradox and Caddyx....R.H.Campbell
    Home Security Metal Products
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  13. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest


    **Crash Gordon**

    Why do you day that? DMP can transmit in other formats, you can be monitored

    They must be REALLY big because those prices are very very low.

    Type of wire, how it is run (away from sources of induced current), motion
    detector & glassbreak detector placement, placement of switches (are there
    service loops?)....are important.

    I HATE when a house is prewired and the installer used a 3/8" drill bit for
    everything...and no service if you have to repair a window switch
    you're working with tweezers and a magnifying glass.

    They're being REALLY nice to you.
  14. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    Yes, different configurations.
    It can transmit by Telco/Network/Cellular so the panel comes in a couple
    (maybe 3, I forget) combinations.

    I haven't installed an XT yet (they're relatively new) so I'd have to look
    it up. As soon as I get some time I'm going to order one to play with.

    Even if it's the 30 it's still pretty cheap if its Dialer/Network/Cellular

    If it's the 30 with just dialer/network and no can + lcd keypad - its STILL
    a "fair" price.

    **Crash Gordon**
  15. tourman

    tourman Guest

    RHC: Correction....Ademco and Caddyx are American companies. What I
    meant to say was that these panel lines are common here in Canada, at
    least in our area. Sorry....
  16. Bob

    Bob Guest

    RHC: Correction....Ademco and Caddyx are American companies. What I
    meant to say was that these panel lines are common here in Canada, at
    least in our area. Sorry....

    r u guys still getting caddx panels? they've been GE for a year or 3 in the
    US. ps Canada is in N America. ;)
  17. tourman

    tourman Guest

    RHC: Could be....I don't follow all the takeover news in the security
    business. I just know that those four makes are available through a
    number of dealers hereabouts. ADT use Ademco locally as do Protectron.
    Caddyx is no where near as common but available. It seems DSC is most
    common followed by Paradox in Eastern Canada. Just about every other
    make doesn't even show up at all.....
  18. Eric B.

    Eric B. Guest

    Overall I liked the concept, but I just had a lot of difficulty
    understanding how it works out for the average user. End result - I don't
    htink I would end up going with StayD.

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm very much leaning away from DMP and towards
    Ademco or DSC, but like I said, the pricing for DMP is so cheap, it is hard
    not to give it fair consideration. Also, someone has now thrown the Elk M1
    into the mix of things to consider, so I'm looking at that as well.
    However, I don't know how easy it is to find supply for Elk in Canada, or
    how good their wireless is (not that I currently need wireless, but just
    nice to know that I have that backup option). Plus a lot of people seem to
    have issues with DSC, so I wouldn't want to find myself shopping for
    problems either...

    Do you have any knowledge about Elk?


  19. Eric B.

    Eric B. Guest

    Got the updated list from the dealer today:
    1 DMP XT50 and reprogram the system and test all of the zones with central
    1 DMP Aqualite LCD keypad 7060 130$
    1 double tech Bosch- ISM-BLD1-PF1 motion detector 75$
    1 smoke detector Sentrol 541NCSXTE 95$
    1 double tech motion detector 75$
    1 double tech Bosch- ISM-BLD1-PF1 motion detector in the hallway on the room
    level floor 75$
    1 smoke detector Sentrol 541NCSXTE 95$
    1 glassbreak detector in the Den in front of the patio doors 120$
    1 carbon monoxide detector Sentrol 541NCSXTE 95$
    1 power supply unit 1 Amp.105$
    1 smoke detector Sentrol 541NCSXTE in the hallway on the room level 95$

    From your previous post, sounds like the XT50 and the keypad is an
    unbelievable bargain. What about the other components? How do they rate?


  20. Eric B.

    Eric B. Guest

    Because I'm calling them up trying to find out through whom I can buy their
    product. I'm not asking them for tech information - just the name and
    number of a local dealer... Napco called me back very quickly. As did
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