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Any knowledge / insight / info on DMP panels?

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Eric B., Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Eric B.

    Eric B. Guest


    I had a dealer come by the house today and try to extoll the virtues of a
    DMP system. I'll be honest; I've never heard of DMP before. I've heard and
    worked with Napco, DSC and even Paradox, but DMP is a new one to me. So I
    tried to do a little research, but I find information for DMP is not
    necessarily easy to find from anywhere other than DMP itself.

    Is there a reason for this? Is DMP considered a "good" alarm to have? If
    ever I decide to switch monitoring companies, is DMP commonly supported, or
    might it be difficult for me to find? The dealer told me that they have an
    exclusivity to distribute DMP in the local market. Additionally, searching
    for parts and/or components online yielded very few hits; I can't seem to
    find anybody selling DMP parts. Is this not a popular system, or is this
    simply not as much of a DIY-style panel?

    Thanks for any info!

  2. alarman

    alarman Guest

    Knowing that, do you really need more information about DMP?
  3. Eric B.

    Eric B. Guest

    Well, that was the first "alarm" that went off in my head (sorry for the
    pun). However, that being said, the information that he gave me about the
    product sounded extremely enticing. For instance, the system is completely
    firmware upgradeable remotely, comes with dialer, IP and cellular all built
    into the panel, all DMP parts are backwards compatible with any previous
    systems, etc. Of course, like I said, I was somewhat concerned with the
    little I have been able to find out about them.


  4. alarman

    alarman Guest

    I believe that it is good equipment, and there are a couple of guys on this
    board (Crash Gordon and Bob LaLonde) that know a lot about it. If you feel
    good about the dealer, and he has a good reputation, then you should be ok.
    But, you'll likely be locked in to that dealer, and all his warts. You will
    have no choices if the service stinks, or if the rates go up.
  5. Eric B.

    Eric B. Guest

    Of course, those are some of my primary concerns. Although the dealer is
    reputable, if I don't like the service on day, or his rates become too
    exorbitant, or he goes belly up, or he chooses one day to back a different
    panel instead of DMP, then I don't want to be left hanging. I know with a
    DSC panel, for instance, I can find parts just about anywhere except the
    local 7/11. DMP, on the otherhand, seems like a different beast; I don't
    know if I am searching in the wrong places, or if parts are not just as
    commonplace. And if my dealer starts to charge a premium for parts, will I
    be sunk, forced to buy parts and service from him?

    Again, if I use the DSC example, I can pick up parts from anywhere and add
    them to the system myself (have done if for several DSC panels in the past).
    But although I can find all the necessary docs for DSC, I can't seem to find
    parts for it anywhere....

    Any ideas?


  6. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Did it sound enticing enough so that in the future, when you have a
    problem, and there's no more DMP dealers in your area, that you'd be
    willing to pay for a whole change out of equipment by another alarm

    Just because YOU have the equipment, another dealer trying to do a
    service call, who is not a DMP dealer, isn't going to be able to
    illicit any help from DMP to trouble shoot your equipment.

    There's a company by the name of Radionics who is more popular in my
    area, who is also one of these "exclusive" products companies. I can't
    tell you how many of these panels I've changed out over the years
    because the dealers go out of business or stop servicing the equipment
    and the customers are left hanging with equipment that has really,
    really great "enticing" exclusive looks and features, but no one can
    service. And Radionics won't lift a finger to help a non Radionics
    dealer get the enduser out of trouble.

    I've long had the very strong suspicion that at least "some" of the
    dealers, who sell these exclusive panels, do so with the intention of
    "capturing" their clients so that they can't go elsewhere to obtain
    services, even if their services sucks.

    Stick with what can get routinely serviced and is available to all
    dealers and you'll be a little bit better off.

    If you don't watch yourself .... Not much better off. (for other

    But a little bit.
  7. JoeRaisin

    JoeRaisin Guest

    Interesting you should mention Radionics during a DMP post.

    I heard from a Honeywell Rep during a class on the Alarmnet IGSM (of
    course I have no way to verify this) that DMP is a bunch of former
    Radionics Engineers who got fed up and left.

    If its true and if they engineered DMP like Radionics then I wouldn't
    think its too DIY friendly.
  8. Eric B.

    Eric B. Guest

    Of course, that is the biggest decision factor. I'm always concerned when
    talking about exclusivity in a marketplace. However, the reality of the
    situation is that replacing a panel is usually the cheapest part; the wiring
    and labour associated with it is usually the most expensive. But that being
    said, I don't want to find myself stuck with a piece of equipment that
    cannot be serviced.
    From past experience, I have never had the need for someone to come and
    service my equipment. My parents have had Napco for over 20 years, and have
    never needed someone to come and modify the system. I can fix any sensor
    problems myself, and with the complete programming guide, can tweak
    parameters if I want. I would insist on the same thing from a DMP panel.
    However, like you said, if something ends up over my head, I wouldn't know
    where to turn.

    Is that any different than buying an ADT system, or something similar? Or
    same arguments apply?

    In all due fairness to this dealer/monitoring company, they used to only
    install Napco products in the past (for about 15yrs), and switched when they
    had supply problems. Similarly, prior to Napco, they used to install
    Ademco, but switched when they had problems with a couple of products and
    couldn't effectively isolate the issues. And according to the salesguy,
    they were one of the few local dealers who installed Napco.

    I know. I know. But it's the cost that is just so enticing. I don't have
    a full quote back from them yet, but a panel with full comms (dialer, cell
    and IP) along with 2 keypads would cost under 500$. When something like an
    Ademco AlarmNet box is $450 alone, it is really hard not to consider it as a
    viable option.

    I can't help but think that something like DSC is probably the most popular
    and easiest to find someone to service, or help with configuring it myself,
    etc. It's just the cost differential that is crazy. I haven't truly priced
    out DSC yet, but from quick perusals, it would look like a CP with similar
    features would easily run 1-1.5K.

    I guess my next step is to see with DMP if there are any other local dealers
    in the area and/or what their support options are.


  9. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Speaking of DIY friendly, .................. I never thought that
    Radionics was even dealer OR end user friendly. Exactly how many
    "command numbers" did they think people could memorize?
  10. alarman

    alarman Guest

    Assuming that you meant that you couldn't find DMP parts anywhere, I believe
    that you have to be a dealer to obtain them.
  11. motley me

    motley me Guest

    From what i have seen of the DMP panels they are good panels and have some
    features that others should be incorporating. that being said, they do wire
    differently. they have more zones at the keypad than most panels, so if you
    switched later it could involve some creative solutions.
  12. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    It's excellent stuff and still made in 'Merica. I've been selling it since
    the early 90's.
  13. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    Please don't compare DSC to DMP.

    **Crash Gordon**
  14. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    So what? You just call DMP and they'll make several recommendations for
    replacement dealers.
    Radionics used to do the same thing.

    **Crash Gordon**
  15. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    Eric...DMP is excellent stuff, we get free factory training whenever we want
    it, the product is made in their own factory in Missouri, the new stuff is
    flash upgradeable (the older panels are chip upgrades), panels can be
    configured for digital, internet and cellular built in. Yes, everything is
    backwards compatible, I can replace a 15 year old keypad with a brand new
    one and it will work across the board (all their models). You need not fear
    if a service company goes belly up, there are lots of us around that can
    take care of you and DMP can and will make suggestions should something like
    that happen.

    I've been a DMP dealer since the early 90's and was a Radionics dealer from
    84 to late 90's - but dropped Radx because DMP is so much cooler and easier
    to program and use...of course I do service, install, monitor other stuff as
    well, but I generally keep to stuff I would have in my own house (DSC not
    being one of them - I have two of them left out in the field and will
    upgrade them when I get the opportunity).

    **Crash Gordon**
  16. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    They can wire differently, but not necessarily so - you don't have to run
    zones to keypads you can bring them home...but boy is it handy on a
    retro-fit to have 4 zones at a keypad.

    **Crash Gordon**
  17. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    That's sorta true. In the early days they were going merge and were very
    close to doing so, then Radx I believe stole some of the ideas and went in
    another direction.

    The products are VERY similar EXCEPT for programming...the Radx programming
    became incredibly stupid complicated and the DMP got simple complicated (if
    there is such a thing). I can program a DMP panel without any reference
    material from the keypad in 10 minutes for a complicated XR-100...that would
    never happen with Radx 7000 and up panels. Radionics programming got
    ridiculous and it's why I finally dropped the line.

    Neither are diy'er stuff.

    **Crash Gordon**
  18. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    I have about 50 or so DMP panels in the field from an alarm company I bought
    out a few years ago. They are decent. I have had one problem which tech
    support did not help me with that was recurring with multiple panels. I
    found the solution myself. DMP is a proprietary distribution format. You
    are unlikely to be able to buy any of the modules, panels, keypads, etc that
    is architecture dependent from anybody, but the dealer who sells it to you.
    If you aren't planning to DIY and the the dealer who installs it is decent
    that should not be an issue.

    However, if a few years down the road you decide you don't like the current
    dealer it may be a little difficult to take your business elsewhere. Even
    if they unlock the panel and give you the dealer program code there won't be
    many if any the other dealers in your area with good knowledge of the
    panels. who can service and program it easily.

    I like the panels I have in the field, although my product knowledge is
    about 6-7 years out of date with DMP. I strongly dislike the company that
    makes them. I have had some pretty onerous experiences with them and have
    gone out my way to tell the general alarm industry public here about it.
    DMP has never made right on their mistakes with me. They have never denied
    them either even when I stated them as fact not opinion here and in other
    public forums.

    Anway, the product is ok. The company not so much, and as with any totally
    proprietary distributed product you have to weigh those limitations.

    Bob La Londe
    Owner - President
    The Security Consultant
    PO Box 5720
    Yuma, Az 85365

    Licensed Residential and Commercial
    ROC103044 & ROC103047
  19. Eric B.

    Eric B. Guest

    If they are so easy to program, would that not make it perfect for DIY'er


  20. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Of course I haven't programed every type panel out there, but I've
    gotta say .... if all the feed back I've gotten through the years is
    correct ..... if you can program a Napco panel from the keypad, you
    can program anything.
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