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Any Elektor Collectors here..

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Frank, Nov 21, 2004.

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  1. Frank

    Frank Guest

    I am after the Date of the Issue of the Elektor Mag that had a article on the
    TV/VGA Pattern generator, I should have the Mag myself, but some of them have
    been filed away, and I and still trying to find away.

    This was a up market one that has a Full test pattern with a Circle AND WITH
    VGA out.

    Elektor UK can't seem to help unless I have the PC Board No. or the Project
    Number, they e-mailed me a Limited List of Articles titles, but none
    mentioned VGA at all.

    I borrowed one from a friend lately, but it impossible to get the info from
    him, sort of one day when he gets around to do it.

  2. **If you can provide SOME idea of date, I may be able to assist.
  3. Guest

    Thats the Problem I can't
  4. dmm

    dmm Guest

    In the back of each issue there's an index of projects published during the
    previous 12 months or more.

    I looked in the index of my July/August issue and found an ATV picture generator
    in the September 2003 issue. It does have a circular pattern, as well has composite
    video, S-video and what may be vga (rgb and composite sync).
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