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Any Decent Surface Mount Bread Boards?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Leif Erickson, Jan 27, 2004.

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  1. There are 4 different types of decent Surface Mount protoboards here. Ebay
    has some in their electronic components areas - chips and pcb's.

    A TSSOP-PLCC breadboard- 56 pins, 0.635-.65 mm pitch, with SOIC pads, and
    backside has a smaller Rectangular LCC-PLCC and some square LCC-PLCC
    footprint fitting 8 to 32 pin LCC-PLCC parts.

    Large 4" x 4" PLCC Breadboard- to make your micro-system on 1 board! Up to
    52 pin PLCCs, SOIC's and DIP holes, DB-9 connector and more!

    2 others - An SOIC(Proto-Chip), and a SOIC/TSSOP/DIP++ type board, to do
    other micro and DIP projects and other neat stuff! (Proto-Chip n' DIP)

    Not just Adapters, Real Protoboards!

    Cut some of Proto-Chip pcb up into smaller pcb's to fit DIP socket headers,
    and make a SOIC to DIP adapter, or some other circuit- to fit on a dip
    header! Cut in half to make 2 boards, and build a complete circuit on it!
    Use the Chip n' DIP board for leaded micros to SMD I/O and ??

    Who knows? Take a look! More coming this year! Leave suggestions! Sign in!
    Add some tips and info on the corkboard area-links on bottom area of page
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