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Antique GE transistors

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Watson A.Name - \Watt Sun, the Dark Remover\, Oct 1, 2004.

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  1. I've been checking ebay for about a year now, and I've seen auctions for
    the venerable CK722, with some fairly pricey auctions. But I can't
    remember ever seeing an auction for the two GE trqansistors if the same
    vintage, the 2N107 and the 2N170. Both of these were heavily promoted
    as hobbyist transistors, and many projects using these were in the
    electronics magazines.

    Is it because there is no damand for them, or are they just not as
    common as the CK722s, or what?

    Here are a couple old GE transistors, up for auction right now. I'm
    hoping that the 2N167s are in demand, 'cause I have several of them.
    It's nice to know that one has a drawer of old parts that is worth a
    couple hundred dollars. :)

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    Guest Guest

    Hey Watson,

    I watch these type auctions too. I have seen 2N107's sold in groups
    and also as singles in the package within the last year. Saw a 2N107
    in the experiments kit (GE carded package) that went for the starting
    price of $4.99 and one in the little plastic tube that they put them
    in for so long go for around $12.00..this is just vauge memory so
    might have been little more or less. I saw a pair of GE square can
    2N35's-no package w/ full leads sell for around $50.00 about three
    months ago.

    Here is a completed auction for four crimp tops 2N107's that did not
    even sell.

    Also there is an auction up right now for a small lot of 1970's era
    2N107's that has no bids.

    Seems like package is a big factor. Also, I think there were many
    more 2N107's sold than CK722's but could be wrong about that. They
    made 2N107's into the 70's and until about 6 months ago, you could
    still buy them from a online electronics store 1977 date codes- for
    about a buck each. Haven't seen any 2N170's sell.

    A poster was asking about CK722's a while back and I saw one of them
    go for $106.00 about 4 months ago on Ebay. It was nice example
    earliest silver package in mint paper envelope with very early date
    code. I think you posted that auction. From what I have observed on
    Ebay the blue ones generally go for less than the other colors. Maybe
    blue ones are more common or maybe it is just the phase of the moon.
    who knows?! The package seems to increase the value a bunch.

    I also watch vintage processors. There seems to be a big collector
    market for those in ceramic white and purple packages with visible
    gold pin connections and also vintage very early tubes seem to have
    quite a collector following. Some huge prices for very early tubes.
    One last thing I watch is vintage light bulbs some of them are pretty
    neat. Geisler - Crookes ?sp? discharge tubes are also very cool and
    the vintage ones bring insane prices. I guess people collect
    pretty much everything. It is as they mans trash is
    another's treasure.
  3. That's odd. But if you look atthe above URL you'll see that it was in
    the collectibles category, not the biz-industrial category. I don't
    check collectibles often, might be why I never saw them. And it might
    also be the reason why sellers didn't get a bid. They should _not_ put
    transistors in the radios and CBs,v tubes, other category.

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