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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Skybuck Flying, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. Hello,

    Idea for anti-resonating-technology, for harddisks and cooling fans possible
    other things.

    First I shall explain what I think causes resonance problems:

    Think of soldiers stepping on a bridge.

    Each time a soldier steps down, it makes a downward movement on the bridge.
    Each time a soldier steps up, it makes a upward movement on the bridge.

    In other words, anything that makes a circular movement, or even slightly
    circular or even just up and down, behaves like a cosinus or sinus wave.

    Anybody having had math on high school knows what a cosinus or sinus wave

    And the problem with waves ofcourse is... if they have the same graph... and
    the overlap at the peaks and the valleys they complement and increase each
    other. So the wave becomes the addition of the two.

    So this is what happens during resonance... the waves overlap perfectly...
    and start becoming one big wave.

    To prevent this requires keeping the waves out of sync... and preventing

    One possible simply idea to keep stuff out of sync is introduce a little
    spring, possibly chip controlled.

    The little spring uses a random number generator or so... to cause random up
    and down movements... to try and break the wave pattern.

    Hopefully all devices start "waving in random fashion" so no overlap occurs

    If this would work in practice I dont know... but it's worth a try ! ;) =D

    Also I suspect if the waves do not counter each other perfectly in the first
    situation... then the waves will start to influence each other... like a
    dynamic algorithmm which modifies each other data... anyway... what happens
    is... each other's waves starts to fluactuate... walk differently... like pi
    slightly being modified/radians....

    And sooner or later they start to overlap... it's like the waves start
    walking a little bit... until they perfectly overlap... from that moment
    they dont influence each other anymore and they stay perfectly insync...

    So that's why resonance becomes a problem... so keeping them out of sync is
    the game ! ;) =D

    If random pushes up and down would keep them out of sync and counter act
    walking I dont know... but it's worth a computer simulation try... just a
    simple one ;)

    Hopefully the push up and down is powerfull enough to break the sync ! ;) :)
    So maybe if it's not powerfull enough, it might not shake them apart again
    would be funny if that happens if a computer simulation (not breaking apart
    ;) :))

    Skybuck =D
  2. I didn't mention this in the original posting assuming people interested in
    this might know it already, but I still mention it for those that don't know
    this yet ;) (to lazy too modify it, it would have been possible since
    newsserver was down for a while at least for sending which was kinda weird,

    This anti-resonating-technology would not be ment to reduce sound vibrations
    so much... though that would be nice...

    But this technology would actually be ment to prevent harddisk sector damage
    from occuring.

    Apperently multiple harddisks can start to resonate together, and this could
    cause heads to go up and down... and cause sector damage.

    Perhaps this is why Windows 7 shuts down harddisks to prevent this kind of
    damage... it could also be just a power saving feature...

    None the less it's probably a nice feature in windows 7 ? unless the
    powering down of hd's could somehow lead to damage by itself ? ;)

    Maybe bad parking of heads ? ;)

  3. Rubber sux... it will "dry" and become "brittle".

    Lol... I saw such tiny rings or even tinier... brake off from my Pentium III
    PC which had this shitty case... using rubber pins to hold up the
    motherboard... perhaps the breaking of those pins by gravity or so... cause
    a short circuit and blew the power supply... who knows ;) or maybe the power
    supply just gave up... an old cheap china power supply ;) not selected by me
    ! ;) :)

    The pentium III 450 mhz is now powered by the Seasonic S12 600 watt power
    supply ! LOL ;) =D

    Many power cables inside the pc on the drive bay though... that is kinda
    worrieing... I hope now power discharge to the case will happen ;)

    So far it seems to be working fine...

    Good thing to go back to my DreamPC soon... at least it should have
    everything properly connected and not have any loose cables... it also has a
    decent power supply with detachable cables... ;) can't remember the brand
    exactly... AZX power or something... or ACZ or something oh well... no brand
    label on it and it's dark again ! Lol ;) =D

    Skybuck =D
  4. As a matter a fact I do have a bad back... because of gravity... so fixing
    my DreamPC is extra painfull for me... I most be carefull... I could
    seriously hurt myself ! ;)

    So far fortunately I take it easy... and only modest ammount of pain... very
    slightly... as soon as I feel any pain in my leg I stop ;)

    So far that only happened once...

    Another good reason why not to buy too heavy PCs... for now I am ok... but I
    don't know about the future... my back is probably slowly healing... but if
    it does get worse... I will have to get tablets/laptops instead of heavy pcs

    Also the plastic pins were so tiny and thing... they easily wear out and
    brake... so rubber or plastic doesn't really matter, the effect would have
    been the same.

    And there is no reason why gravity could not brake it off... the motherboard
    is kinda heavy...

    But I will admit that there was a weird situation going on with the PC

    There was only 1 screw holding it up... and the screw wasn't even proper...

    But perhaps that happened after it already blew up... I was just too lazy to
    attach screws properly since it already died...

    So perhaps that caused the plastic pins to take more of the load...

    It eventually broke off when I started to pull parts out to rebuild in the
    much better chieftec case so there ya go ! ;)

    Another nice example of how strange events in life can take out plastic crap
    ! ;)

  5. Also just to be clear, these were the pins on the pentium III 450 mhz
    case... which is now more than 12 years old at least.

    In the past I had to take motherboard out/in/out/in/out/in/out/in... to try
    and fix sblive crackling or not working at all... (sb16 is in it now, still
    crackles/chipset issue ;))

    So the plastic pins already had plenty of wear and tear... something that
    doesn't happen too much with metal...

    For me: metal all the way ! ;)

  6. No where did I mention noise ?

    So what you on about ?

    Randomness can be considered noise, perhaps that's what you on about ?

    Surely a little spring moving up and down won't create any noise... it will
    just offset the movement so it doesn't get synchronized, which is the whole
    idea ! ;)

    Just like soldiers not walking in sync on purpose ;)

  7. Did you just come hear to troll ? Or did I upset you because I invented
    something awesome just yet ? ;) :) =D

    Skybuck :pPP ;) =D

    ^ Extra long tong for you ! ;) LOL =D
  8. Pete

    Pete Guest

    Traditionally HDD's were mounted using rubber mounts which attenuated
    the vibration stopping it from being an issue.

    I personally prefer to bolt directly to the metal chassis to get more
    thermal conductivity from the HDD to the chassis, I've never had a HDD
    failure that wasn't temperature related or a manufacturing issue.
  9. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Such an idiot!
    Slightly extending your description, NOISE is an
    And contrary to your "explanation" of waveforms becoming
    synchronized, NOISE remains NOISE.
    And it gets in the way..try talking to someone else in the noisiest
    part of a steam plant, or ten feet away from a running jet engine; noise
    is soooo helpful..
  10. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    You would be better served going back to the 1700s.
  11. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Hey, stupid..the standoffs used with motherboards in a PC are NOT
    rubber, they are plastic and do not and cannot "break by gravity" alone.
    It would take quite a SHOCK to do dropping the PC.
    The HD would likely suffer damage, the motherboard as well could be
    damaged: the ASICs (those funny thin black square thinggies i call
    "squashed bugs") can be cracked (seen this happen many times, said
    damage happening during shipment).

    Lemme see if i can make it plain enough for you:
    Most of the time during your miserable life (such as it is), you
    either stand or sit.
    So, according to your own gravity stupidity, your back would "break
    by gravity".
  12. mpm

    mpm Guest

    And yet... Skybuck "is" broken.
    I'm just sayin'

    :) mpm
  13. Pete

    Pete Guest

    don't even know what it is! I'm a young buck...only 29!
  14. mike

    mike Guest

    snipped stuff
    It's not related to your "solution", but you might enjoy some googling about
    vibration damping systems for airplane engines.

    I'm rather fascinated by the way your mind works. You're at the top
    of my list of fun authors to read.

    Most ideas are crap. The good news is that, even if you have only ONE
    success in your life, you're ahead of most of us. The key is to take
    the input you get, understand that a particular idea was crap and move on to
    the next candidate. Defending an obviously failed premise just delays
    the impending successful one.

    But if you're gonna have great ideas, you shouldn't give away all your
    legal rights by publishing such preliminary results here. An actual
    good idea will be instantly scooped up and legally entangled.

    I suppose you could ask for a non-disclosure agreement from everyone
    on the internet.

    Perhaps just keeping an invention notebook and waiting for your
    provisional patent filing to disclose here???
  15. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    this takes decades. rubber electrical cables remain supple longer
    than PVC ones.
  16. Pete

    Pete Guest

    Oh there's some trivia for the memory bank. Another interesting one is
    one of the HDD companies in the USA moved into a new building and paid
    the right people to have the street/road named 'disk drive', they were
    of course in 'number 1'

    Great address!
  17. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Yah..about 20 years ago..
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