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Antenna breakthrough

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Jeff Layman, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. Jeff Layman

    Jeff Layman Guest

    Just picked up in another NG.

  2. mike

    mike Guest

    "the signal finds it's happy spot and launches into space"

    My wireless signal is very unhappy.
    Where can I get one of those spray cans of stuff to make it all better?
  3. Jeff Layman

    Jeff Layman Guest

    No Idea. It's all way beyond me, but thought there might be some
    informed comments in this NG as to whether or not it makes sense.
  4. Martin Brown

    Martin Brown Guest

    It sounds to me suspiciously like overpriced aluminium spray paint.

    That isn't to say that you can't make antenna coatings that will improve
    the mismatch between the antenna and free space.

    But I doubt very much if you can have one that works by magic at any
    frequency from 50MHz up to 5GHz. Snake oil for radio antennas.
  5. Boris Mohar

    Boris Mohar Guest

  6. WoolyBully

    WoolyBully Guest

    Didn't watch the video and had sound off. I start out reading the
    comments in these cases. One gets much more info that way. Now... IF I
    watch it and listen to it, I will go in informed already. From the
    comments, I shouldn't even bother.
  7. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest

    You need "Antenna Lube". In really difficult cases, you may
    need to use "Signal Clean", too. And probably a flux capacitor
    to get to the store that sells them.

  8. MassiveProng

    MassiveProng Guest

    Maybe it couples through his tin foil hat. So, instead of 'snake oil'
    being in your phone, it is literally something you can "always have on
    your mind..."

    Why, my "massive prong" yields a 25dB improvement whenever I see a
    pretty girl walk by. That's not snake oil! That's the oily snake itself!

    (I couldn't resist... it's in my script)
  9. WoolyBully

    WoolyBully Guest

    Or an Interociter.

    Those were some nice capacitors! (hahahahaha)
  10. WoolyBully

    WoolyBully Guest

    You should use your computer to make an animated presentation, so we
    can see it the way you describe it. It sounds like a cartoon.
  11. Guest

    18*0 = 0
  12. FatBytestard

    FatBytestard Guest

    Go away, retarded, little-girl-wanna-be-but-all-you-could-muster-is-
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