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Another question

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by voodoochile, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. voodoochile

    voodoochile Guest

    Before I start , thanks for the advice sofar - very helpful.

    I have an idea for one of my Uni projects. I dont know if its feasable- I
    wonder if you could enlighten me.

    I would like to merge a 1 button remote light controller into a allinone TV
    remote controller. So to have one handset with the 2 functions.

    What would be the easiest way in doing this?

    I would think the options would be

    a. merge the light pcb onto the allinone pcb
    b. keep the two pcbs seperate but keep them in 1 controller case
    c. start from the beginning and build a pcb that captures all the operations
    of the 2 remotes
    d. is there a way of capturing the IR frequency of the light handset (so as
    to assign the on/off light capability to a button on the allinone remote)

    I have the capability to build my own remote handset case (thanks to a rapid

    These are just a few thoughts.

    Any advice would be very greatfully accepted.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Go with your option D if possible.

    First, try to avoid reinventing wheels.. Adapting the all-in-one remote is
    a cool idea, work with an existing one, don't try to rebuild it unless
    you're trying to make them to sell without directly infringing copyright or
    something. :)

    Some of them can learn a pulse code. That way you can make your receiver,
    and design the code on anything that can emulate the transmission, then use
    the remote to capture it and assign it to an unused button. If those things
    have Ctrl or Shift keys like ASCII keyboards, you might have several user-
    defined key sequences you can adapt. If not, you might reverse engineer it
    enough to see if there are more address lines than actual buttons, and add
    a button to an unused address. This probably won't work if the button
    layout is coded for in the internal programming, but some might be more
    general and might well have handling for buttons on previously unused
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