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Another, basic, bypass capacitor question

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Bob Engelhardt, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. I made a circuit with 5 op amps, to do a little calculation, with input
    from switches and pots. I.e., dc. I didn't use bypass caps, but I'm
    wondering whether I should have. I'm thinking that even though it is
    dealing with dc signals, the op amps might be sensitive to ps noise.
    And there have been a couple of instances of unexpected & unexplainable

    Is it worth the trouble to add them now?

  2. Sjouke Burry

    Sjouke Burry Guest

    Any time you intend to design an amplifier, you
    run a high risk of designing an oscillator instead.

    So yes, you have to add de-coupling caps(~ .1 uf)
    at the positive and negative supply pin to ground, or
    with a singlesided supply, between plus and ground.
    and keep the tracks to the connection points short
    and straight.

    If you suspect oscillation, measure some output,
    and (nearly)touch parts of the print, oscillation is
    very sensitive to stray capacitance.
  3. Thanks, I appreciate the help. Bob
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