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Anode and Cathode confusion?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by WAYNEL, Jan 2, 2007.

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    WAYNEL Guest

    Can any one give a good explanation that is not so confusion concerning
    the anode and cathode, relating to rechargable batteries and cells.

    At the cathode of a cell you get a reduction and at the anode you get
    Electrons flow into cathode of the cell and thus produce a high
    alkiline around the electrode, OH-.
    Although on a Porbaix diagram the most negative side has a H+?

    In electronics the cathode is negative and the anode in positive and
    electrons travel from negtive to positive therefore the positive
    (anode), when charging, will connect to the to the cathode of the
    battery and cathode to anode of a battery???


  2. Bob Eld

    Bob Eld Guest

    A cathode gives off electrons and an anode collects electrons inside the
    device. In a battery the anode becomes the most negative because the
    collected negative electrons become available to the external circuit. From
    outside of the battery the electrons flow from the negative anode through
    the circuit to the positive cathode. Inside the battery the electrons leave
    the cathode into the ionic reactions of the battery but wind up flowing to
    the anode. The anode is negative and the cathode is positive. To charge a
    battery the flow direction but not the polarity is reversed. This is done by
    using a higher charge voltage than the batteries natural voltage, forcing
    the current in the opposite direction.

    In an electronic device such a s vacuum tube, the cathode inside the device
    also gives off electrons and the anode collects them. But, the flow of
    current does not occur as it does in a battery until a voltage is placed
    across the device to force the current flow. To make the electrons flow to
    the anode, it is made positive with respect to the cathode. The anode would
    not naturally be positive without an external voltage making it so. I'm sure
    this is all clear as mud!
  3. Genome

    Genome Guest

    Rumour has it that before someone discovered electerons some 'physicist'
    decided which way 'charge' flowed in his 'battery' so it's been fucked up
    since then.

    By slight of hand some other 'physicist' used the Greek method and
    demonstrated that, in order to be 'classically' correct, things should
    really be the other way around but the public was already buying Varta.

    I suppose the modern poquensity is Viagra.

    Some time later 'Chemists' woke up to the dichotomy involved in the original
    discovery which seemed to be at odds with some other stuff that 'Physicists'
    were talking about.

    Problem is that a 'chemist' will be spoon fed for all of his life.

    A 'physicist' will, eventually, realise that all he has been taught is a
    theory and a method......

  4. And sometimes good metaphysicists figure out that there is more to Heaven
    and Earth, Horatio, than was ever dreamt of in your philosophy.

  5. Genome

    Genome Guest

    There are two types of Metaphysicists. Those who sell machines for perfect
    abs and those who buy them.


  6. Hey, I never metaphysicist I didn't like. ;-)

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