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[ANNOUNCE] DARPA Vehicles & R/C Rover with Surveillance Video Camera Demo

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. Pls post comments -- much appreciated!

    R/C Rover with Wireless Surveillance Video Camera, custom built by a
    team of experts from Cal State Long Beach Engineering Technology.

    The Rover will be demonstrated, along with some DARPA robotic SUV &
    sedan full-size competition vehicles Instrumentation 2008 Expo &
    Training, on February 28, 2008, in Los Angeles County, California. Their
    contact info is below. The largest exhibition dedicated to state of the
    art instrumentation and process control on the west coast, it features a
    dozen technical training sessions.

    The expo and all training is free to anyone in the refinery, water,
    wastewater, power generation and process industries who are involved
    with instrumentation and process control. All the major I&C suppliers
    will be exhibiting.

    About the rover..... The rover was just built this semester as a robotic
    class project using all new parts and is in perfect working condition as
    you can see from the video. It includes 4 FM channel remote controller,
    a tank bot with dual servos drive, turret to for the camera, and
    wireless transmitter camera. It will come with all the extra batteries
    and accessories.

    Video shows the rover at all angles and inside, how to set it up and
    operate the rover, rover in motion and video view from the rover camera.
    Features include all-terrain tractor treads, rugged construction, tilt
    servo camera positioner, receiver antenna, dual servo propulsion drives
    (D-drive), r/c receiver, battery, home pointer, span serve, wireless
    camera, a/v antenna, battery deck, remote handset with independent
    controls for camera turret and rover motion, dual lens camera for 3D

    For more info, pls contact thru websites....

    Thank you!

    Instrumentation 2008

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    Summary: Academic, government & industry research in robotics.
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