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anemometer using 7 segment leds

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by squidwxrd, Nov 7, 2003.

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  1. squidwxrd

    squidwxrd Guest

    I'm putting together a anemometer from scratch
    for a project in a digital class.
    I have to use TTL chips.
    Basically I want to take the signal from a motor
    that is being turned by wind (analog), then convert
    the signal to digital and read the wind speed in
    mph using two 7-segment LEDs.

    a. What is a good way to convert from analog to digital?
    b. How do I take a 16 - bit # and transfer it to 2 7-segments,
    i.e. from 00010001 to 1, 7 on 2 7-segment leds?

    I want to use a shift register from an ADC and possibly
    toss a latch in the mix. I would like the speed to be read
    instantaniously but since I'll be using a 555 timer to drive
    the clock pulses, it may be better to use 1-second samples.

    thanks for any help

  2. Lord Garth

    Lord Garth Guest

    Skip the A/D and build a photo intrupter / counter. If you convert 1 MPH
    IPS you'll find 5280 feet/hour is equal to 17.6 inches / second. A disk
    circumference is 17.6 inches will directly read out in MPH if the photo
    interuptions are counter for 1 second. Your circuit simply needs to do
    things in sequence:
    1) reset the counter
    2)count the number of disk rotations in 1 second
    3)latch this count
    start over with step 1

    That disk works out to be about only 5.6 inches in diameter.

    You could count over 10 seconds and move the decinal point for more
  3. John G

    John G Guest

    If you use a "motor" to generate your signal you may find the drag is too
    much for low wind velocities and it would be better to use a disk and photo
    cell or some other sensor that produces NO drag.
    Just a suggestion from Experience!
  4. squidwxrd

    squidwxrd Guest

    thankyou. I'll give it a shot.

  5. squidwxrd

    squidwxrd Guest

    thanx for the help.

  6. Larry Green

    Larry Green Guest

    I came across an article on the web recently for a kit that used ultrasonic
    transducers in an anemometer. Unfortunately I didn't save the link but I
    believe it was an article in a UK electronic hobby magazine. Try a Google
    search for 'ultrasonic anemometer'.

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