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Analogue -> Digital Conversion...

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by cosmichobo, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. cosmichobo

    cosmichobo Guest



    Other than the Canon MV-X430, what other camcorders can do
    analogue/digital conversion on the fly (instead of capturing to tape
    first)? What is the cheapest?

    Alternatively, are there any DVD Recorders that have firewire output and
    will "pass through" the analogue signal so I could hook it up to my eMac
    and capture that way??? I read the Pioneer 310 has in and out
    Firewire... (though read they cost $200 in USA, but $900 here???)

    IN LONG:

    I'm having to revisit the question of how to convert analogue video into
    digital; namely capturing footage from a VCR onto my eMac.

    In '04 I purchased a Sony PC104E MiniDV Cam for this purpose (as opposed
    to a Canopus or other box converter), but was burgled last week and they
    swiped the camera.

    My insurance is paying out $1650 (for the Sony & my Sharp Viewcam that
    was also stolen), so I just need to decide how to spend the money.
    I was going to go with Sony again, but was told that they don't make
    cameras now that do analogue/digital conversion.

    Apparently the Canon MV-X430 does the job, and I've been quoted $850,
    which leaves about $800. Rather than get 2 video cameras, I was going
    to then try and find a digital SLR for the balance - something that's
    proving hard to do.

    As an alternative, I was looking at the option of forgetting the
    analogue/digital converter aspect so as to be able to find a cheaper
    video camera. Then I'll be able to get the SLR camera, but will still
    need to find a way to convert analogue to digital...

    Thus I was wondering if any of the DVD Recorders on the market these
    days could take my Sony's place... I see that the Pioneer 310 has
    "firewire in and out"... but will it do conversion on the fly?

    Appreciate any advice....


  2. Why don't you just get a USB video capture thingo? Don't know if they
    work on a Mac though. <$50 on eBay
    You can then get a normal camcorder for $500 or less and you'll have a
    $1000 left over for that digital SLR ;-)

    Dave :)
  3. cosmichobo

    cosmichobo Guest

    I'm not sure if a Mac will accept video via USB... could be wrong, but I
    think it all needs to be on the firewire input... or at least, all the
    software I have only looks at the firewire port. :(
  4. You could buy a second hand PC (P3 <1GHz for $100 would be fine) *and*
    a USB capture device for under $200. Still leaves plenty of cash left
    over for a new camcorder *and* that SLR ;-)

    If your sole purpose is to just transfer some old video, you could even
    buy the PC, use it and then resell it afterwards. Could even end up
    costing you nothing in the end.

    Dave :)
  5. cosmichobo

    cosmichobo Guest

    Um, no... I went through about a dozen of them (canon, sony, and
    panasonic) and only one or two had inputs. I know a lot of them did it
    going back just a few years, cos when I bought my Sony in mid '04 there
    were plenty to choose from... but now it's a rarity.

    Yeah no one in the store knew for sure about the camcorders, so can't
    imagine their knowledge of DVD recorders will be much better.

  6. James

    James Guest

    I was after something top do exactly that too...thought the best way to go
    might be a HDD camcorder saving on media cost / waste. However I havent seen
    a reasonably priced unit capable of doing it. Why do most camcorders not
    have AV inputs anymore? They always used to. A lot of them claim to be
    usable as a "Webcam" as well....whether its at the full resolution might be
    a differet story though. Looking at purchasing at the end of the year so
    hopefully something that caters for everything will be available by then.

  7. Michael C

    Michael C Guest

    LOL. I thought macs where the latest 'n' greatest in video capture/editting.
    :) Although I'd be very suprised if they couldn't capture video via usb,
    you just need to find a usb capture box with mac drivers.

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