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Analog VU meter for VCR

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Jeff Pelletier, Nov 26, 2004.

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  1. I've been trying to assemble an analog VU meter to hook up to a VCR.
    I've got an analog panel VU meter, a bridge rectifier, and very little
    knowledge of electronics.

    I figured the easiest way to wire this, would be to splice the end of
    an RCA cable. I've assumed that the shielded wire in the center is
    positive. The bridge rectifier I have has four diodes (?) sticking
    out, only one of which is labeled +. This one is slightly longer;
    there's two the same length, and one very slightly shorter than the
    rest. From what I've read the shortest should be the positive input
    which would make the longer one marked + the output to the VU meter...

    No matter what configuration I use, I dont get any readings
    whatsoever. I could very well be wayyy off on my understanding of this

  2. Mark Zenier

    Mark Zenier Guest

    1) A real VU meter has a built in rectifier. (A copper oxide low voltage
    one, I think).

    And 2) a silicon diode bridge needs at least 1.4 volts before it begins
    to conduct. You probably just don't have enough signal for that.

    Mark Zenier Washington State resident
  3. I was trying to plug it directly into a line-level output. From what
    I've read, a "Hi-Fi" signal is 1.228 V DC (for 0 db) and consumer home
    electronics are 0.316 V DC. Would this mean I'd require some sort of

    I'm thinking of starting over with an LED VU Meter kit...

  4. Mark Zenier

    Mark Zenier Guest

    Yes, (even if you have a real VU meter that's sensitive enough, they're
    pretty low impedance and may load down your signal).

    Mark Zenier Washington State resident
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