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An easy-to-read but useful book

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Dan Shanefield, Jul 22, 2004.

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  1. Of course there's a ton of books for beginners in electronics. But, in
    spite of its title, here is a book that got 5-star customer reviews in, for being UNUSUALLY EASY to read and to understand, as
    well as for having a lot of practical info. It has optional
    experiments, none of which uses more than two transistors, 2
    capacitors, and/or 2 resistors. If at all interested, see customer
    revu at amazon:

    (If that link doesn't work, you can go to amazon, search books for
    shanefield, and click on Customer Revu.)

    You can probably buy a used copy cheaper than new, via amazon (or
    similar site), since this has been used as a college (and vocational
    sch.) textbook, and students often sell those (to buy more beer!),
    even tho they really should keep texts like this, for use when they go
    to work.

    Dan Shanefield, the author of this book
  2. andy

    andy Guest

    i bought a copy of 'the art of electronics' a while ago. apart from the
    academic bias, i really like the way it's written - quite to the point
    with occasional bits of dry humour. maybe not for a complete beginner
    though. (i have a degree in physics from years back, so the concepts
    weren't hard to get my head round - just the practicalities.)
  3. Re: "Art of Electronics," that's a really great book! Much more
    thorough than my book (much, MUCH more!). But when I was still
    working as a professor, students told me that "A. of E." was quite
    difficult for beginners, if they hadn't studied a lot of phys. or
    electr. yet. Also, it has very little on practical application stuff
    like motors, speed controllers, sensors, ground loops, RFI, etc.,
    which my book does cover (at beginner's level, at least). But "A. of
    E." is the greatest, if you plan to design your own ckts, at a fairly
    advanced level, after a reader has already absorbed the ideas in mine
    (or a similar one).
  4. I agree, it appears but as you move on, more lucid it becomes. If not
    yet, then obviously some preliminary knowledge is missing.

    Each time I read, more I discover just amazing.

    Best regards,
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