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Amstrad NC100

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Shane Kirkman, Aug 31, 2003.

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  1. I was given a Amstrad NC100 notepad computer.
    Is there any use in electronics for one, as a PIC controller or some sort of
    interface or parts even.

  2. is a place to ask about those. I got one and
    followed the group for a little while but not lately, too many 'What is the
    best amstrad game of all time' type threads going on and on... There is a
    web site dealing with NC100 though, lots of good info but it seems down now
    that I check ( but there are others, like the first one on
    the list
    As for electronics, its got serial and parallel ports... Anything you can do
    with those you can do on NC100, I guess, with enough work. Also PCMCIA slot,
    mainly used for memory cards, There is CP/M port on the net. The cards I
    really expensive though I think... Don't know what else you could do with
    PCMCIA thats straightforward... You could be the only person who has a wi-fi
    NC100 if you manage to connect a wi-fi pcmcia adapter to nc100 and write the
    drivers :)
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