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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by sandeep, Jun 29, 2005.

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  1. sandeep

    sandeep Guest

    Hi to all ,
    I want to know about the different BJT/FETamplifier configurations
    about their working and which component is used in them and why?
    And how they are used practically?
    Thank you.

  2. One day sandeep got dressed and committed to text

    Get off ya butt and down to the library or bookshop !!

  3. Common collector circuits.

    I saw the end of the above url as meaning something, "npncc =
    npn transistor common collector circuit", so I changed the
    last c to an e, and as I had guessed, there is the common emitter

    I try to access the same catalog without a filename

    There are a lot of files with more information here.
    for example, a continuation of ..npnce.html

    Hmmm, I found the main index.
    The ce stage is the most common circuit, gives good voltage
    and current amplification.

    The cb stage is used in radio circuits.

    The cc stage is often called emitter follower, and is used here
    and there in all kinds of electronics.
  4. Here is a table over the characteristics of the 3 basic circuits
    for bipolar transistors, scroll down 30% of web page:


    The index:
    Lots of useful stuff here, and beautiful graphics.

    I looked at other papers this guy has on the web.
    Here is a little index

    His papers lead me to even more valuable texts about electronics.

    There is an incredible amount of knowledge and well written texts
    on the web, if you can find them.

    Here is a bunch of links to electronics tutorials:
  5. sandeep

    sandeep Guest

    But i dont know about good books thats why i asked .
  6. sandeep

    sandeep Guest

    Thanks for ur kind help.
    Thank you very much
    with regards
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