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Amplifiers, Rails and current sources

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by john, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. john

    john Guest


    Please look at the following data sheet of an instrumentation amplifier

    I am using it as a constant current source ( figure 16, page 13 ). I
    made the following changes in the circuit

    1. I put a capcitor in series with the load for AC coupling reason.
    2. The power supply of the circuit is +/- 15 volts.

    I have a following questions about the circuit.

    1. For example, if the circuit is producing 100microA and the load
    resistance is 1mega ohm then the complaince voltage will be +/- 10
    volts or the voltage across the load will be +/- 10 volts. How can I
    keep the complaince voltage or voltage across the load equal to +/-
    0.7 volts with the current of 100microA without changing the power
    supply which is +/-15 volts?

    Please advice!
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