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AMD SLIC question (AM79R7x)

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Dan Lanciani, Aug 21, 2005.

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  1. Dan Lanciani

    Dan Lanciani Guest

    Is one or the other of the AM79R79 or AM79R70 SLICs intended to be a
    replacement for the other? And if so, which is newer? The data sheets
    for the AM79R79 all appear to be older. (Is there an even newer replacement?)

    I'm thinking of trying to repair some Motorola Bitsurfr ISDN TAs and the SLIC
    chips are often the (obvious) problem. Back when they were under warranty it
    seemed that Motorola would use the R79 as a replacement for the R70 but it
    might just have been a stocking coincidence. On the off chance that anyone
    is interested I have some vague theories about why the SLIC chips get

    Dan Lanciani
    [email protected]*com
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