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AM FM receiver modules

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Oct 28, 2004.

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    I saw a intriguing product the other day that is basically an FM receiver
    controlled by a PC, mono output.

    The heart of the design was a module that was basically the entire FM or AM
    receiver that only needed an antenna, and a digital tuner to output the
    standard FM broadcast band in mono to an amp.

    Apparently one can get the same thing with a NOAA receiver as well.

    It seems that rather than design the receiver, these folks use a module that
    is already 'prefabbed' to plug into the board, not unlike an IC, only with
    discrete components on a very small PCB with the appropriate connectors. Could
    be something they custom make, but I seem to recall having seen such modules a
    long time ago.

    I am not talking about a device that I came across in a CATV headend. The CATV
    folks wanted to know if I could design something similar, as they are
    apparently getting gouged by the company who sells it, plus they have a few
    feature requests that the OEM does not offer. If I could find such modules, I
    could probably do it for them, but I have searched EEM, and googled for the
    best keywords I can find, and only come up with tiny toy radios :)

    Thought I would ask if anyone here might have know of a source for such a
    receiver module, or perhaps some fancy keywords that I have not yet considered
    for searching it out?

    Much obliged for any ideas or help.

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