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AM/FM Radio Receiver Demonstrator

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Tony Porch, Sep 16, 2003.

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  1. Tony Porch

    Tony Porch Guest

    Hi there,
    I am a Science Technician in a sixth form college. To assist the students in
    obtaining an understading of the operation of AM/FM Receivers the teaching
    staff want me to build a Receiver demonstrator. I wouldn't consider myself
    as a competent circuit designer in this area.
    This Receiver would have to show the superhet principle. I must be able to
    gain access to points on the circuit that enables 'scope monitoring the
    various stages of the circuit such as the RF, IF, Demod/Detector and AF.
    Like most educational establishments I do have a limited budget.

    I am considering three options as follows:
    1. An off-the-shelf educational kit. I did find what appeared to be a
    suitable kit available from Kitsusa in the US. However the price was greatly
    increased due to shipping and it seemed to me that it would be too much
    trouble to them to supply me with one.
    2. Self-built using a well tried and tested circuit design. This should be
    reasonably easy to build where component availability from suppliers within
    the UK wouldn't be a problem. Given the layout design I have the resources
    to make a simple printed circuit board if necessary.
    3. Modifying a suitable commercially built transistor receiver which I can
    make accessible for monitoring requirements. Probably an old version as I
    believe that modern ones wouldn't be a suitable design for my purposes.

    Anybody out there who can help?

    Tony Porch
  2. Find one of the last made tube type tuners that has separate AM and FM
    If you strike out there find an early solid state tuner or receiver..
    Either of these will have more room inside than any portable..
    Next look for table top receivers..
    And last a big old portable..
    good luck
    hank wd5jfr
  3. Tim Shoppa

    Tim Shoppa Guest

    $5? $10? $50?

    One of the difficulties you'll run across with a typical AM/FM receiver
    is that the FM parts will obscure the operation of the AM parts in the RF
    stages. Those little combo AM-FM tuner caps are clever but are the result
    of decades of minimization.

    And most consumer AM receivers are pretty crappy.
    If you have a budget of around $50 per radio, the GE Superradio is
    an excellent unit. External antenna inputs, top-notch tuned RF and IF stages,
    excellent audio. No bells and whistles. There are lots of web sites showing
    how to modify and tap into this radio to get at the internal signals.

    The only "gotcha" is that if you aren't careful when you disassemble the
    unit, you will break the power switch. Lots of other juicy details at:

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