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am fm car radio antenna trimmer

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by dudley, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. dudley

    dudley Guest

    does anyone out there know if there is still a way to trim the
    to the car radio?. I know that i'm showing my age with this
    statement, but i'm having trouble with the fm stations fading in and
    out as i travel down the road.i thought that there should be a trimmer
    somewhere on the radio to tune the stations in stronger. its been a
    long time since i have worked on radios ,so maybe there is not a way
    to do it anymore. i have a 95 jeep
    with am/fm and they both drift in and out.changed the antenna --no
    so if anyone out there has an idea i would like to hear from you.
    thanks dudley
  2. My guess is that the radio is acting up.
  3. g

    g Guest

    My guess is that the FM antenna/radio may be working normally. AM radios
    used to have a trimmer associated with the high ipmedance/low resistance
    (very short compared to AM wavelength) antenna. FM antennas are at or
    near a quarter wave and probably don't have any trimming as the real
    part of their impedance is pretty large and matching is a bit easier.

    Also, it is common for signals to vary with position as fast as once per
    half/wavelength of distance, which may describe what you are experiencing.

    How about comparing with the operation of other FM/antennas moving
    through the same region, is yours working significantly differently from
  4. A snip from the original post: "am/fm and they both drift in and out"
  5. Boris Mohar

    Boris Mohar Guest

    It has been a while. For AM there should be a trimmer hole somewhere close
    to where the antenna cable enters the radio. The trick is to tune the radio
    to a very weak station at low end of the band, somewhere between 550 and 600
    KHz. Adjust the trimmer to best reception for that.
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