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AM FM Antenna

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. Guest

    I recently bought a powered antenna , the terk tower thing. Didnt do
    crap. I have my amfm receiver in my basement and want to get decent
    radio reception. I was thingking of building my own T antenna out of
    300ohm wire for the FM and a loop for the am. Would it be better to
    attach the T to the outside of the house (vinyl siding) and run to the
    receiver? And then put the loop by the basement window. This would
    be on the south side of the house. Thanks and any suggestions are
    welcome. I also have a high pitch anywhere in the house for am
    stations. Rather annoying!
  2. PhattyMo

    PhattyMo Guest

    Yes,run a cable up the wall,or whatever,to an antenna outdoors.
    Much better than trying to amplify what isn't there in the basement.

    The noise on AM could be anything.. PC,light dimmer,DVD player,etc,etc,etc..
  3. If you're really serious about good reception, you should get an antenna
    designed for FM, and put it in the attic.

    I don't see putting a T antenna outside. If you stick it to the siding, you
    won't be able to move or rotate it. It will gradually deteriorate, and
    performance will go down a bit when it rains.

    Radio waves pass through most non-conductors, so as long as the antenna is
    above ground (that is, not in the basement -- dirt is a conductor) and near
    the walls of the house, you should (?) get passable reception in a
    strong-signal are.

    I like the AudioPrism antennas. Not cheap, but unlike the Terks, they
    actually work. * The 6500 is excellent in strong-signal and even suburban
    areas, but is no longer made.

    * About 15 years ago, I brought a Terk antenna back from the SCES. It
    actually gave poorer performance than 3' of wire.
  4. GregS

    GregS Guest

    Get one of the many new rooftop antennas designed for dish owners.
    Make sure it does not have an FM trap. Listening to AM in a house these days
    is pathetic. You have to get away from the house. Go in your car. Even thats
    really bad sometimes. New divices including CFL's, put tons of junk on the AM

  5. And, then, add to that trying to listen to AM (or FM) in a stucco
    covered house! It had never dawned on me before. But, after nearly 40
    years of home(s) ownership, our last move plunked us in a stucco covered
    house. Bed-side clock radios -- not worth the space they take up on the
    night stand. Even cellphone coverage (which is weak here, anyway) can
    only be had by standing next to a (west side) window.

    It ain't a perfect Faraday Shield -- but that "chiken wire" comes close.

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