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Aluminum BOXes

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Aluminum, Jun 17, 2004.

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  1. Aluminum

    Aluminum Guest

    Dear Everybody,
    After 3 catalogs closely examined (fischer,...) I didn't find anybody
    offering the casing like the one I need for my electronic box. Does anybody
    has any info (anything) on companies that do aluminium casings by the sketch
    design? Or is anybody interested to make the box? 25 pieces for starters.
  2. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Look at DigiKey? Mouser?

    Try posting a sketch somewhere and then ask in sci.electronics.misc

  3. Does it need to be aluminum? You may have an easier time finding a local
    sheet metal shop that can bend it out of mild steel.
  4. Tim Wescott

    Tim Wescott Guest

    Steel is not to be overlooked, and is even superior in some ways. If
    you must have aluminum it should be moderately easy to find. Cases are
    fairly easy, so the ones you find in catalogs tend to be very basic,
    aimed at people making one-off devices. If you're looking at making 25
    of something you should definitely dig up a local shop.

    First, though, get the case manufacturer's names from your catalogs, and
    look at _their_ websites -- there may be something there that you can
    use. If that doesn't work look for something that's close but not quite
    what you want, than inquire with the manufacturer. At 25 pieces you can
    probably talk them into simple modifications -- anything plastic will be
    molded, so expect that the most you'll get there will be custom
    drilling. Bent-metal cases, on the other hand, can be modified pretty
    easily; I know that TenTec in the US offers fully custom cases.
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